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If You Want To Know What’s Up In Makati, You’d Best Check This Hot New Asian Resto Soon

For those who liked to party in the latter ‘90s to ‘00s, you’re probably familiar with what used to occupy the 2nd floor of the Antel Corporate Center along Valero Street in Salcedo Village, Makati.

Yup, that’s right. It used to be our beloved Ponti (Il Ponticello), one of the hip-happening places back in the day that offered an open bar from 9 pm to 11 pm. And if you’ve since been a retired Ponti-goer, you’re probably wondering what’s occupied the space. Well, we’re here to take you to the newest restaurant to open this side of town.


The new interiors are fresh, reflecting an industrial vibe tempered by touches of non-masculine elements such as glass and copper.



Sup? Chow is Chef Francis Lim’s newest brainchild. Stemming from his expertise in the food business (Nav and Tipple and Slaw) he’s decided to put together something new and unorthodox. Sup? Chow serves Asian fusion food, but not as you might expect.



Lim says he likes playing with the underdogs in the food arena, putting them in key positions instead of the sidelines, and in doing so I believe he’s hit this one out of the ballpark.


The chef’s personal favorite, Korean Beef Stew with kimchi rice, scrambled eggs, and toasted sesame


His rice bowls are not the usual kind you’ll see in restos, with miniscule portions of viand and a whole lot of plain rice. Chef Francis tells us that he wants to serve meals that feel home-cooked, but elevated to restaurant grade with its plating, ingredients, and overall quality.


Truffle Braised Beef with stew rice and sautéed shrooms


He says, “These are the things I would personally eat at home. That one [pointing to the Korean beef stew] is actually my favorite. My mom makes something like this and I just changed it up a bit.”

His menu reads easily with terms familiar to people who frequently dine in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean restaurants to name a few. Other dishes are also influenced by our Asian neighbors like this rich beef rendang dish called Bang! Bang! Noodles, Char Siu Duck, and Braised Pork Belly with ramen egg, and fried beancurd.


Bang! Bang! Noodles with beef rendang


Char Siu Duck


Braised Pork Belly with ramen egg, and fried beancurd


Chef Francis candidly tells us what excited him with his dishes. What he wants is for people to come in with low expectations of food, and then wow them with his selection of ingredients, what he can do with them, and what flavors he can come up with. Makes perfect sense.

He reminds us somehow that creativity can often be found in the art of under promising but overdelivering. That’s the arena he’s interested in mastering and so far he hasn’t disappointed.

Other mouthwatering dishes to sample from his menu:




Sup? Chow is located at the 2nd Floor Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.


Photos by Chris Clemente