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If You’re Ever In Ermita, These Places Are Worth A Try!

Ermita doesn’t strike most people as a go-to place for anything other than embassy errands or hotel events, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any notable places where you can get a bite to eat when you’re in the area.

We’ve listed down a few restaurants that can be located with ease so you wouldn’t have to worry about all the one-way streets or parking, for that matter!



1547 Adriatico Street, opposite Robinsons Place, Ermita, Manila

Korean food is always a good idea, especially these days when we find ourselves stranded from the sudden downpour of rains. Might as well get stranded in a restaurant that serves all sorts of soup to keep us feeling warm all over as well as meat dishes you can keep warm via the grill that’s right on your table.



Tip: If there are 3-4 people at your table, they require a minimum order of 3 dishes for grilling (but it’s not like you won’t finish that anyway, right?)

Complimentary banchan, soup, and egg dish


Woo Samgyub (beef belly)


Pork Galbi (barbecued pork)


Shawarma Snack Center

R. Salas Street, Ermita, Manila



This has been the go-to (especially for students) for those kebab cravings or hummus hankerings for a long time. The tried-and-tested restaurant not only has a wide array of tasty dishes to offer, but they make the food really affordable, too. We dare you to sit down and order just one thing.



Vegetable Platter with Arabic bread – hummus, labani, and motabal with some falafel and pickles on the side


Kunafa – white cheese dessert with kunafa dough


Pied Piper Gastrolounge

G/F Red Planet Hotel Manila Bay, Arquiza corner Alhambra Street, Ermita, Manila

This is one of the newest restaurants in the area, and with Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore at the helm, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer. Their food is all about Japanese fusion and you’ll be delighted in the little tweaks they have in store for your Japanese food favorites.






Emerald Garden

1170 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila


If your craving is more skewed towards Chinese flavors, head over to Emerald Garden where, if you didn’t already know, serves the best (and arguably biggest) siopao in town. Politicians and celebrities have been known to order their esteamed (pun intended) siopao in advance for easy pickup in the day.

Which isn’t a bad tip considering they only make and serve this siopao in the mornings and once their chef is done with that day’s batch, he doesn’t make more.



The famous #emeraldsiopao

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1197 Jorge Bocobo corner Arquiza Street, Ermita, Manila


Hizon’s has been a household name for delectable cakes and pastries over the years and it’s nice to see that until today, they’ve kept some traditions intact while also expanding their business. Their restaurant reeks of nostalgia and you’ll feel like you’re transported back to a time when people lived simply and their dishes reflect that as they serve comfort food such as callos, lengua, cheeseburger.

But let’s not forget, their specialty which is dessert!





Toasted ensaymada


Photos by Chris Clemente