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Italy's World-Famous Grom Gelato Has Officially Made Its Way To Manila!

It comes in Pistacchio, Cioccolato, Crema de Grom, and Stracciatela—Can you pick a favorite flavor?

That was a trick question—the answer should've been all of the above!

That's because with each spoonful of this world-famous Italian gelato brand, you're not only enjoying a delectable dessert; you're also treating your taste buds one of the best gastronomic inventions to come out of Italy, one that's been hailed a modern day resurrection of gelato from an era gone by.


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Grom Gelato takes its name from Federico Grom, one half of the pair of pals behind the successful food label. 

Federico, who now serves as the brand's manager, and Guido Martinetti, an enologist by profession, are the men to thank if you've ever had (or will soon have!) the pleasure of sampling a taste of their proudly authentic products. 

Like many young entrepreneurs, their business started out with an experiment. Neither of them had ever actually dreamed of making it big in the international food industry, but fate had other plans for them. 

Seventeen years ago, when a young Guido was doing a bit of reading, he chances upon an article by the iconic Slow Food Movement president Carlo Petrini lamenting the dying business of gelato-making in well, the homeland of gelato. 

The piece went on to say that although gelato had become a recognizable dessert all around the world, Italians themselves were losing touch with the art of how to make good gelato with lots of heart and soul. 

Guido quickly took the idea to Federico who saw the potential in his idea, and in a year or so, the duo opened the very first Grom gelateria in Turin, their childhood home. 

 Much to their (pleasant) surprise, their simple dessert lineup turned out to be a massive neighborhood hit.

Even the casual gelato eater noticed the difference: Grom recipes were much more robust, their flavors were more alive and non-generic. People loved it, and Federico and Guido soon explained the not so secret secrets behind the magic. 


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The reason behind its superiority over many other brands is because Grom is free of three things: emulsifiers, added colorings, and supplementary flavors—in short, additives that mask sub-par natural ingredients to give them an artificial yum factor that's able to fool consumers that the gelato they're having is better than it really is. 

Grom doesn't do that, it never has, and it never will!

Guido and Federico were insistent on using only the finest, organic, meticulously sourced raw materials for their recipes so that in each pint, cone, or cup of Grom, what you get is the perfectly balanced symphony of ingredients, their natural  tastes, and nothing more. 

It's the philosophy that allowed them to expand from Turin and Italy as a whole to places like Paris, New York, Shanghai, Jakarta, and now, Manila!


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Since their initial recipes that made their Turin branch a must-visit destination for gelato fanatics, Guido and Federico have since elevated the business.

They've stuck to the non-negotioable element of keeping Grom all-natural, but they've further quantified that promise with these guarantees:

  1. In many of their flavors that have fruit as the main ingredient, more than 50 percent of the mixture is all fruit! That's how their sorbets pack a real punch and have flavors that make permanent impressions on even the most discerning of taste buds. 
  2. Their very own Maru Maru farm in Italy so that they can assure customer of  the quality of raw materials. Over 100 varieties of fruit trees are grown there and flavors depend on the trees' annual natural fruit-bearing seasons; there is no forcing fruit to ripen more quickly or subjecting them to artificial processes to sweeten fruit. 
  3. Aside from the farm, they also have a laboratory (yes, one complete with people in hairnets and white lab coats) where they pay crazily close attention to their ingredient ratios and how to better cultivate fruit and other raw materials! This is where the science behind the art of gelato-making comes in. 
  4. They have a free-range egg only policy, and the same applies to the milk, water (Sparea spring water only!), and strictly white sugar cane that they use. 
  5. They produce all their mixtures in Italy that are then transported to different parts of the world via a unique cold chain management to keep flavors consistent. 
  6. Grom gelato has less sugar than the average commercial brand, which makes it a lovely treat for everyone wanting to indulge, without the guilt that ruins the experience. 


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Since its establishment in 2002, Grom's product lineup has come to range from gelato and sorbets, to cookies and cones.

Everyone has a favorite flavor (or two, or three, or four) they're mostly known for their signature Siracusa Lemon PGI sorbet, Barbero d'Asti Torrone gelato, Guatemala coffee gelato, and Ecuadorian chocolate sorbet.

There's truly a plethora of Grom flavors to choose from, but they're easing Filipinos into the Grom fan club with four flavors now available in select supermarkets and groceries. 


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To choose from are:

1) Crema de Grom (made with Venezuelan chocolate chips, Grom's very own meliga biscuits, and pastry cream)

2) Cioccolato (made with fresh milk, cane sugar, and Ecuadorian chocolate)

3) Pistacchio (made with nuts from the Middle East boasting of different textures and depths of flavor, even hints of tobacco aromas!)

4) Stracciatella (a traditional Italian gelato flavor made with Fior de latte and crunchy Ecuadorian chocolate)

So what do you say?

The weekend is right around the corner and your chance to stock up on Grom's best creations has arrived!

Don't worry—we'll understand if you'll want to keep a pint all to yourself.

Images from @gromgelatoph