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LOOK: This Is The Cutest Valentine Story That Will Give You The Feels

Falling in love over spaghetti and Chickenjoy makes perfect sense!

Love in the time of pandemic is pretty challenging, so we're really happy to share our favorite Valentine story of the month. It's the kind of heartwarming tale that will put a smile on your face. Ellyza, a teacher and Brandon, a nurse, met just one year ago at the  Jollibee restaurant in Chandler, Arizona. They fell in love during the pandemic, and Jollibee was their favorite place to date. He proposed to her in that same restaurant, and they got married last February 20. To celebrate the anniversary of their first date, Jollibee helped to recreate it with a twist. Instead of the usual fastfood setup, they got a string quartet, white tablecloth and flowers, candles and rose petals. On the menu were Jolly Spaghetti, Chickenjoy, and Peach Mango Pie. 

The couple met on a dating site and decided to meet in person on March 7 last year. Ellyza is from the Philippines, so she wanted to meet up in Jollibee, even though the nearest branch was in Chandler, Arizona, a two-hour drive away.

Brandon had never been to a Jollibee restaurant before and says he was intrigued by the “combinations” on the menu: spaghetti and chicken, peach mango pie, halo halo. He wanted to try everything. “It was kind of a funny date,” he recalls. “She laughed at me ‘cause I actually didn’t pay for our first date.” 

“I paid the bill,” she says, “because I ordered a lot. I wanted him to try everything.”

You know what they say about how the way to the heart is through the stomach? 

Anyway, that first date bloomed into a full romance. Brandon said that to make up for her having paid for their first date, he made it a point to bring her back often to Jolibee. The couple even made it a point to visit other Jollibee branches in San Diego and Washington State. Even when they weren’t planning to dine at Jollibee, fate seemed to intervene. 

“Once I drove to Casa Grande, Arizona to meet his family,” says Ellyza. “I stayed there for four days in a hotel, and then we decided to go on a fancy date. But it was in the middle of a pandemic! There was no way we could sit and dine. So we just decided to dress up and go to Jollibee and ate it at a Walmart parking lot.”

Awww. That really gives us the feels. Truth is, while we associate romance with roses and chocolates, fancy dinners and bold romantic gestures, sometimes love’s sweetest and most meaningful moments are the simple, quiet ones. 

Congratulations, Brandon and Ellyza, and happy love month, everyone! 

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