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Jollibee Brings Back The Ube Cheese Craze But With A Delicious New Twist

This flavor combo never gets old

The first clue dropped two days ago when Jollibee posted this teaser about a soon-to-launch new product with an exciting flavor combo. The flavors were obviously ube and cheese, but can you guess for what product this is, they asked? 

Among the excited Netizens who joined in the guessing game was self-confessed foodie Pia Wurtzbach, who guessed not once but seven times in quick succession. 

“Ube ice cream??” she ventured. “Ube pie??” 

“Ube shake!!: she tried again.

But despite her seven guesses, she didn’t hit on the right answer. 

That answer is the new Ube Cheese Pie, the exciting new flavor that dropped just a few hours ago. It combines the classic combination of sweet, nutty ube and sharp, salty cheese, all encased in a signature crispy pie crust. Imagine sinking your teeth into this! 

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It’s a really great way to bring back last year’s ube cheese craze, but with a nice new twist. You can order the Ube Cheese Pies via the Jollibee app or purchase via delivery, takeout or drive through. Get the Sweet Pies Family Pack which comes in boxes of six. Jollibee’s mini pies are also available in Buko, Peach Mango, and Tuna Pie flavors. 

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