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Kai Gutierrez’s 1st Birthday Party Was Every Kid’s Snack Dream World

Kai Gutierrez may not have all of his baby teeth yet but that didn’t stop his friends from chowing down at his first birthday party held at Whitespace in Makati last June. Celebrity mom Sarah Lahbati teamed up with mother-in-law Annabelle Rama to throw Kai a whale-themed birthday bash that was every kid’s snack dream world.


Mom Sarah Lahbati, dad Richard Gutierrez, eldest son Zion, and birthday celebrant Kai


While the underwater party took place through the mouth-of-a-whale-shaped entrance, guests first stopped by the lobby where a smorgasbord of every snack food imaginable was offered. 


A sea blue theme with whale balloons floating above guests


Mr. Churros served up hot and fresh churros with chocolate dipping sauce.


Churros fried on the spot


If that didn’t make guests salivate, for those with cravings more on the salty side, Potato Corner was present, and who could resist French fries tossed about in the flavor of one’s choosing? I know Kai’s guests couldn’t! 


Everyone’s favorite flavored French fries


The staff of Sainte Ann Creperie took guests on a trip to France (and wore berets while doing so) by whipping up Nutella crepes and, let’s face it, Nutella tastes good on anything and everything.


Nutella crepes on demand


For those who still had space, Puffles offered fresh egg waffles with ice cream. (And I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like waffles and ice cream.) 


Egg waffles with rainbow cereal and sprinkles


For a dash of something sour, Lemon Drops served freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pucker up! 


Fresh made lemon juice


Takobar was tossing up hot takoyaki, bringing contrast with a different genre of flavor into the mix. 


All-you-can-eat takoyaki


There was even pica pica for the adults! Before the party began, Sarah was caught sneaking Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles from the Savory Naked Spread by Naked Patisserie.


Sarah with guests enjoying the Naked Spread


The table also featured Baked Brie Mac n’ Cheese, Cherry Tomato Salad with basil and feta cheese, a 12-inch wheel of Brie, Samosas, and a variety of cheeses and delicatessen meats, including salami per Sarah’s request.



A table brimming with cheese, spreads, fruit, and other delights


Sarah’s special request of salami, along with other deli meats



Photos by Joseph Gatz