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10 Best Kdramas For Foodies, 2020 Edition

Did you miss any of these? Let’s take a look back at the phenomenal shows that left us laughing, crying, and very, very hungry

While we can agree that 2020 has been a very challenging year, it’s also given us some of the best Kdramas we’ve seen in a while. Beautiful, complex stories of romance, adventure, magic and mystery. And also, a lot of food, like these 10 K-dramas foodies will love.

Art follows life, and just as food is a constant element in our lives, it’s no surprise to find  it threading through the Kdrama stories. We love the glimpse into Korean culture, the way a dish can reveal so much about a relationship or a person. We love discovering and falling in love with new dishes and new flavors. Join us as we take one last look at the Kdrama gems of 2020. And get ready to crave Korean food. 

6 K-Dramas Deserving and Worthy of Season Two


6 K-Dramas Deserving and Worthy of Season Two

Photos from Hancinema