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Kora Bakery Makes Filipino Doughnuts That New York Has Fallen In Love With

There's an 800-person waitlist for the champorado, turon, ube and other Filipino-flavored doughnuts

Filipino restaurants are a familiar part of the New York scene, but it’s always great to see Filipino flavors impress the normally blasé New Yorkers. Kimberly Camara’s Filipino doughnuts inspired so much interest that she now has an 800-person waitlist. 

Camara, a former commis chef at Eleven Madison Park, opened her first online store, Kora Bakery, after her catering company, Union Square Hospitality Group, shut down last March due to the pandemic. 2,000 employees were laid off, and Camara was one of them. You might say Kora Bakery has been an unprecedented success. 

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Hi doughnut family, Yesterday was the 11th week since starting our Filipino-inspired doughnut drops and I can't believe what a wild ride it has been! We've come so far from a small side project to a something that has developed into a full-time, passion-driven craft because of the support from ALL OF YOU. I am so lucky to have this platform to not only share my culinary spirit with all of you, but also all the stories these pastries carry with them. In between pastry cream, kneading dough, and glazing, we've been working on something and are excited to share some news... WE ARE PROUD TO GIVE OUR DOUGHNUTS A NEW DIGITAL HOME! Check out my IG story and highlights to learn more about Kora! All future ordering and other doughnut-related information will be found at @fromkora !

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Her doughnuts are unique and special. Every doughnut has Filipino-themed fillings made of a pastry creme base and a whole Filipino ingredient, not just an extract. Popular flavors include champorado, pinipig, leche flan and ube. The glazes are made with condensed milk and sugar. Camara posts a Google form on Instagram every Monday at 3 p.m., and the doughnuts are available for pickup every Friday. 

She now sells 275 doughnuts a week, with a waitlist of 800 hungry customers and growing, proving there really is a demand for Filipino flavors in New York. Who can blame them? Her doughnuts are beautiful, complex and in such intriguing flavors as salted egg, turon, sans rival.

Kora Bakery is named after Camara’s late grandmother, Corazon, whose recipes she discovered recently. The idea for the doughnuts was serendipity at work. Camara had been just finished a birthday cake and had leftover dough and extra ube filling, so she decided to fill her dough with ube and fry it. And voila, her first product — the ube doughnut — was born. 

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“I knew ube was one of those gateway flavors that people like to buy. But what’s going to make these doughnuts special is once I start bringing in all the other Filipino flavors,” she told in an interview. 

Camara won’t be limiting her talents to doughnuts, though, but will expand her menu and may even include savory items. We’ll wait and see. 

For more information, visit @fromkora on Instagram