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An Ice Cream Inspired By The Nostalgia Of Sipping Chai Latte In A Cafe

Here's where to get this silky, creamy new ice cream flavor

Hot summer weekends are perfect for easing into a lounge chair to read Madhur Jaffrey while sipping masala chai. Or, perhaps even better, to linger over spoonsful of Chai Latte Ice Cream, a delicious new flavor created by Kurimu handcrafted ice creams in collaboration with Jacob's Well Chai, a Filipino brand that produces artisanal handmade Masala tea.

Chai Latte ice cream

Masala chai is an extravagantly flavored black tea infused with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, ginger and star anise. Jacob's Well Chai uses Assam tea for its base. As a tea, it's a sweet, warming drink that envelopes you in the sensuality of silky, aromatic spices. As an ice cream, it becomes elegantly restrained luxury laden with subtle, deep flavors. 

This flavor is a wonderful collab that perfectly expresses Kurimu's ideal of finding "quality local ingredients made by fellow Filipino craftsmen and artisans."

Launched just last October, Kurimu is a Filipino brand of premium handcrafted ice creams made in the Japanese style. Initially with only four flavors: Shoyu Caramel, Kinako (roasted soybean), Matcha and Black Sesame, the brand has been carefully growing its product line and now includes such unique flavors as Kohi Cream, Red Bean and Kinako Chocolate, among others.

From the start, it caught our attention because of its silky, creamy mouthfeel and the purity of its flavors. Its minimalist-style ice creams are tasteful, elegant and feel so luxurious. Chai Latte is another great addition to the flavor lineup. I recommend keeping an eye on Kurimu because I think they’ll continue to surprise and please us with more delightful new flavors and collabs in the days to come. 

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Kurimu is available via GrabFood, foodpanda or Pick.A.Roo. You may also order online at Follow and @jacobswellchai on Instagram.