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Ladies Who Slay In The Kitchen

Who run the world? Girls! Watch how these queens show the world with simple and easy ways to fill your bellies on the new and improved Metro Channel. With sass and class, they will surely elevate your cooking lifestyle!




Let the real MVP show you how to make fresh and easy home cooked meals. Celebrity wife and mom Ayesha Curry gets her own spotlight as she whips up unique and tasty dishes from her own kitchen. This certified foodie makes every day cooking look fun and effortless and admits that all her fondest memories revolve around food. This now drives her professionally to unite families and strengthen their bonds as they spend time together and enjoy authentic homemade meals inspired by her rich heritage. Expect this humble self-taught chef to create dishes together with her friends, family, and her gorgeous yummy husband, NBA Superstar Stephen Curry. It really doesn‘t get any juicier than this! Celebrate family and food with this funny and quirky mom of three.

Join in the fun at Ayesha’s Home Kitchen, Mondays at 9PM on Metro Channel.




It’s literally everyday Italian with Giada as she stars in a whole new cooking series shot in her hometown in Southern Italy – the magical place where her passion for food started. Giada De Laurentis is a celebrity chef who was discovered while she worked as a food stylist. This pastry chef wannabe will surely fill you up with rich and hearty EATalian dishes. “Giada in Italy” is based around cooking traditional Italian dishes with her family, using recipes passed down through the generations. With her gorgeous pearly white teeth and well-polished nails, Giada will surely give you lots of tips and tricks to make your next Italian meal “molto bene!”

Come and visit Giada in Italy every Monday at 10PM in Metro Channel.




Let Justine Schofield show you how to whip up quick and easy dishes at home without sacrificing on taste and quality. This former Master Chef Australia contestant will make you believe that gourmet food doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. Inspired by her French and Australian roots, Justine creates dishes from French-style Glazed Christmas Ham to White Chocolate and Raspberry Crème Brulée. Her guests range from celebrity chefs to nutritionists and you’ll see that this established and well-loved culinary celebrity makes creations that will not only make your mouth water but will also make you stronger and leaner. Aside from cooking and baking, this Australia. kitchen goddess writes reviews about anything that involves food because she wants people to understand that it’s very simple to cook good food at home everyday.  

Go and tickle your fancy, weekdays at 7PM on Metro Channel.