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We've Found The Perfect Valentine's Day Treat For You And Your Loved Ones

Valentine's Day happens in just a few short days, and whether you like it or not, the day for all things saccharine is upon us yet again!

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Whether you're the type to look forward to this day or shy away from it like the plague, one thing's for sure—the presents, and treats that come along with it makes it something to look forward to. People watching their sugar can give themselves a free pass on this day, for it's the time to not just celebrate romantic love, but all forms of love—love for family, friends, and most importantly, yourself.

Restaurants will surely be filled to the brim with couples out on dates, and flower shops and jewelry boutiques will be flocked by people looking to treat the special people in their lives. 



If you're always on the lookout for a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings, then you're in for a treat! French brand Ladurée has launched its special Valentine's Day "á la folie" collection—one that was inspired by the classic "Daisy Petals" game. You know the one where you say "she loves me, she loves me not?" A box of these coveted macarons brings you back to your childhood crushes and lets you imagine the thrill of finding out whether he or she "loves you".



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In this box, every macaron becomes your special messenger, as each one conceals words of love so that with every bite, your loved one discovers your secret (sweet) thoughts! This box of 7 macarons comes with a beautiful rose placed on top of it, the perfect gift in lieu of a traditional bouquet of roses!


Box of 7, P1,580, click here to order online for a special discount!


In tune with the theme of the season, sweet treats come in two macaron flavors: Rose Petal and Orange Blossom, both of which convey deliciously fragrant, floral tastes that are definitely for your loved ones looking for a different flavor. 

To get ahead of the rush, pre-order your limited edition Ladurée á la folie box of macarons and pick up minus the hassle. All online orders get an exclusive 10% off as well! Happy Valentine's day!


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