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Healthy And Artisanal Breads At An Affordable Price? It’s Possible!

As a rice culture, Filipinos have always seen bread as a snack or merienda. Rice three times the day is the norm, to keep ourselves full and ready for the day. But really, eating too much white rice may cause you to eat too little of the other nutrients needed to ensure a balanced diet, and may even increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, says studies.

So what are we supposed to eat, if not rice?


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Everywhere else in the world, bread is a good—if not better—staple. This is because if done right, bread can be packed with more nutrients and minerals that rice lack. But then again, where do you get this kind of bread? Where do you find bread that’s healthy enough for baon and for daily consumption?


After more than 15 years of expertise doing bread in Taiwan, Leogano Food Corporation has come back here in the Philippines to offer healthy and artisanal breads at an attractive price point. No more skinny breads filled with air, that give little to no nutritional value in lieu of a lower price.


But what is the secret to a good bread? According to Leogano CEO Nelson Ong, there are three things that set their bread apart from everything else that’s in the market: they use the best ingredients, harness the best skills, using the best tools.


Best ingredients

When it comes to food, at the core of very good anything are very good ingredients. And to create its breads, Leogano makes use of top-quality French flour that’s certified organic and chemical-free. This kind of mindset of using nutritious flour is thanks to Leogano President, Dr. Susana Ong, who is also a cardiologist and a mom who likes to make sure her kids eat healthy.


“As a doctor, it’s so important for me to give good nutrition to this generation. And our role right now is to provide nutritious flour to make nutritious bread,” says Dr. Susana. “Leogano would like to cater to everyone from all walks of life. That’s why we devote ourselves to research and development so we can make our breads tasty, nutritious, and affordable for everyone.”

Thanks to this high-quality wheat flour, Leogano’s bread contains higher protein than normal bread, with nutrients that are intact and with no preservatives added.


Best tools

Another interesting component of Leogano bread is that they don’t use chemical yeast like most industrial bakeries. Instead, they use natural leaven derived from fruits like oranges and lemons, giving their bread a distinct flavor and making it more natural and nutritious. This kind of natural leaven is possible because of their high-quality tools like the Fermentolevain, which enables them to produce and control the very fragile leaven.

They also provide industry-grade baking tools and machines to bakers who would like to start their own bread businesses. They can supply frozen dough and par-baked bread that can then be baked fresh in stores.



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Best skills

The third component that completes Leogano bread is the level of skill and expertise that goes into developing their recipe—and this is where Master Baker Tomohiro Nogami comes in.


Chef Nogami has been a family friend of the Ongs for more than a decade now, and he has always been involved in creating and developing bread for the Leogano Corporation. This time, he’s bringing his expertise to the Filipino market, where he will be training bakers through master classes conducted by Leogano in its facility in the south. Leogano is also partnering up with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to train more students in baking.


Right now, Leogano Corporation is focused on training bakers and encouraging more people to start small-time bread businesses using its uniquely crafted nutritious bread. They also supply bread to top hotel chains in the country that offer the best food and services. But keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Leogano this year, where they will start offering their bread to the public.


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