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Eat good, feel good, look good

Eating healthy should be a no-brainer. In fact, our ancestors lived for hundreds of years on a good balance of proteins, fruits, nuts, and vegetables without having to think about going overweight.

But in this time when junk food, sinful desserts, and delicious greasy meals make it so hard to eat healthy, how can we pull it off? It's especially hard when you’re already struggling with weight problems—how do shed those pounds without starving yourself?

“We realized that most of the food that we normally eat like pasta, noodles, rice, burgers, and sweets are unhealthy and make us gain weight. They decrease our life expectancy and worsen our quality of life. That is why we created Guilt Free so we can enjoy eating our everyday meals with all the flavor, but without the empty calories and the unhealthy effects,” said Isabel Calvo, co-founder of new food concept, Guilt Free Food.

Guilt Free Food is all about eating well. They cater to those who want to eat healthier and those who want to lose weight more sustainably. More than just achieving the goal, Guilt Free wants to make the journey enjoyable. So instead of just whipping up salads or bland diet food, they’re innovating and experimenting around to create low-calorie food that’s delicious and filling.

Chocolate lava cake made with zero sugar and zero flour.

Founded in passion and expertise

It’s important to note that Guilt Free works because it is born from the founder’s love for and expertise in food. We first knew about Isabel because of La Picara, the Spanish restaurant in BGC that she started with partner, architect Felipe de Molina.

Isabel already loved cooking and eating. And putting up a restaurant just fanned the flames of her passion for food, equipping her with more knowledge and understanding of what kind of food Filipinos are looking for.

“I love eating, but I’m also very conscious about my health and I hate feeling bloated and gaining weight after an unhealthy meal. So, I started to design a concept of low-calorie food and I showed it to some friends who became excited about it. I also offered it to some customers at La Picara and they all loved it and asked for it when they came back,” shares Isabel.

Because of the amazing reception to her low-calorie offerings, and with the pandemic influencing more people to eat more responsibly because of weight gain and immunity issues, Isabel knew Guilt Free was a go. Working with her business partner, Jaime Gonzalez, Isabel launched Guilt Free in April 2021.  

This delicious Glazed Salmon with Shirataki Rice is just 280 calories!
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Delicious food at a fraction of the calories

“The pandemic has been very challenging for everybody. Nowadays, we are surrounded by unhealthy food. It’s really hard to find prepared food that is cooked with good ingredients and is not cooked with lots of trans fats and all kinds of additives,” said Isabel.

This is what Guilt Free wants to offer to the market: delicious and healthier alternatives, on demand. No need to deprive yourself of your favorite carbs like pasta, burgers, or sweets, because Guilt Free did the hard work, innovating with new ingredients to deliver the same results at a fraction of the calories.  

Imagine your favorite food at one-fourth the calories. Their dishes are around 350 grams each, so they’re designed to make you feel full and satisfy your food cravings, but at only 150 to 300 calories per serving. To accomplish this, they use healthier alternatives to your usual ingredients.

For example, ordinary noodles and rice are replaced with Konjac a.k.a. Shirataki noodles and rice, which clocks at almost 0 calories. They’re also high in glucomannan, a type of fiber that has impressive health benefits and has been shown to cause weight loss in numerous studies.

Vegetarian pad thai using shirataki noodles.

The burgers are made without  flour, and instead of ordinary bread they use broccoli bread which has significantly lower calorie content. For desserts, erythritol sugar is used, a natural sugar substitute that has zero calories.

While Isabel and Jaime are both very knowledgeable about calories, carbs, proteins, and fats, they’re still working with a certified nutritionist to make sure all their nutritional information are on point. This is why they’re very upfront not just about the calorie count of their meals, but also have the complete nutritional facts of every item on their menu. This kind of transparency in food service is commendable, especially since more people now want to understand better what they put in their bodies.

Nutrition facts for seafood pad thai.
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What to order

You’ll find a number of tempting dishes and crowd favorites in the Guilt Free menu, such as seafood paella, Angus tenderloin burger, and chocolate lava cake. But if you’re looking for their best sellers, Isabel points to the Bolognese pasta, seafood pad thai, and truffle and mushroom paella with burrata.

At first glance, you really can’t tell these are low calorie dishes because, when you hear the words “paella” or “creamy pasta,” you’re expecting something rich and carb-packed. This is what makes Guilt Free extra special. Only calories and empty carbs are cut here; the flavor and the enjoyment in each dish is not compromised.

Creamy mushroom and truffle pasta at 180 calories.

Apart from their ala carte offerings, Guilt Free also offers daily and weekly subscription menus. Similar to calorie-counted meal plans, the food subscriptions let you sign up for a 1,000-calorie or 1,500-calorie plan per day, spread out over two or three meals—perfect for those looking to lose weight.

Weekly subscription menus available at 1,000 calories and 1,500 calories

The pandemic has made it tricky for businesses to launch and take off, but Guilt Free has the right offering, the right positioning, and the right heart to make it in today’s very competitive food landscape. For Isabel, all she wants is to make healthy and diet food not just more accessible, but more enjoyable as well for more people.

“I used to think that we had been able to invent the most amazing things like the internet and spaceships, but we had never been able to invent food that is tasty but doesn't make us unhealthy or unfit,” said Isabel. “But, it’s finally here! Guilt Free is going to help people change their unhealthy eating habits.”

To check Guilt Free’s full menu or for more information on how to order, visit their website at or connect with them on Instagram at They’re also available on GrabFood for healthy food on-demand.

Chicken ajillo paella made with shirataki rice

Photographs from Guilt Free Food Instagram