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Mama Poulard's Progeny

It's not often that a restaurant can talk of comfort food, home cooking, and mother's recipes and be referring to something that's been in existence since 1888; but La Mere Poulard can claim that unique distinction. When the first La Mere Poulard was established in the island town of Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy; I don't think Mama Poulard would have, in her wildest dreams, envisioned that one day, a Hundred and Thirty years later, there would be a La Mere Poulard in Asia, or in Manila. But after, Tokyo & Yokohama; restaurateur Deborah Tan can proudly say she's opening the doors of only the third Asian La Mere Poulard at SM Aura.


The iconinc puff omellette of La Mere Poulard at SM Aura


Known throughout the culinary world for their Puff Omelettes, there is no doubt all will be making a beeline to try these very singular creations. I opted to try the Cheese and Potato selection; and it was as good as advertised. Part soufflé, part foam, and all Heavenly, the trick for me was to spoon the very airy omelette with whatever you opted to order along with it. Like I would make sure there was a Potato piece with every mouthful of omelette. What looked truly interesting were the variants with Smoked Salmon and Potato, or the one with Jumbo Scallops and Ratatouille.

And beyond this iconic La Mere Poulard dish - and let's face it, if any dish truly deserved to use the term iconic, this one with over a century provenance fits the bill - there are other menu items that showcase and highlight the French-ness of this eatery.  The Smoked Salmon Salad looked interesting, as do the desserts - and yes, there are variants of the Omelette served with Caramelized Apples. 

I happened to drop by Aura and met Deborah as she was in the midst of the final preparations for their opening on the weekend, and it was refreshing to see the French chefs/consultants hard at work training the staff. As Nelson Hong, Asia Manager of LMP Asia was excited to explain, the ambiance of the place, the interiors and little touches are all part of the new template as La Mere Poulard expands its reach with plans to open in several other key Asian cities. The famous La Mere Poulard biscuits will also be part of the restaurant's offerings.

A restaurant that in its rich history was patronized by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Yves St. Laurent;  it's nice to know that those fluffy, airy omelettes will now be available to Filipino diners, before any other ASEAN city.