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Check Out Why People Up North Are Excited To Go Grocery Shopping

All things healthy


An abundance of veggies


Located in most of the business districts in Metro Manila, Marketplace has been one of the city’s go-to places for gourmet ingredients, deli products, and fresh produce. Now, sophisticated shoppers and food connoisseurs in The City of Pines have one of their own, as Marketplace recently opened in Leonard Wood Terraces, Baguio City. We were there when they launched this foodie haven up north and got the chance to witness everything firsthand.


Fruits ready for picking


Apart from its rustic charm and cool weather, Baguio remains one of the most frequently visited places in the country because of its thriving business district and cultural diversity. Since Marketplace is close to Session Road, both locals and tourists can enjoy a fresher set of vegetables like native eggplant, string beans, sweet cherry tomatoes, lettuce, kale and fruits like large strawberries, peaches, and oranges, with the local produce sourced directly from La Trinidad, Benguet. Since it’s closer to Baguio City proper, the delivery time is shorter, hence you get fresher items on the grocery shelves.


You can never have too much cheese


An array of cooked chicken and sausages


Aside from produce, Marketplace also has fresh meat and seafood from around the world like Wagyu beef, lamb, oysters, yellowfin tuna, crab, and more. Locals as well as visitors with summer houses in Baguio can enjoy ready-made meals that they can just buy off the counter, plus bread and pastries baked fresh every day. Marketplace promises great quality products mixed with extraordinary service. Marketplace staff assist customers with their every need, such as slicing meat to their exact specifications, weighing and bagging produce, as well as locating items they might have trouble finding. As for tourists, Marketplace offers a wide selection of local pasalubong like Romana peanut brittle and chocolate flakes, making it a one-stop shop for visitors looking to bring local specialties back home


Catch all the fish you need


Known for bringing culinary delights from around the world right to your neighborhood, Marketplace offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for those with a carefully cultivated palate. For both locals and tourists alike, finding world-class food items up north is now a breeze


Freshly baked pastries every day



Photos by Monique F. Suzara