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Konnichiwa! McDonalds PH Just Launched Four Limited Edition Japanese Menu Items And They're Delicious

The Land of the Rising Sun lends its most beloved flavors to McDonalds Philippines, making the fast food chain's menu the most oishi and umai it's been this year!



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The next time you're in line at your favorite McDo branch, keep in mind that they have four new limited edition offerings to satisfy your lunch, merienda, or even midnight snack cravings—and they're all inspired by Japanese dishes Filipinos know and love, so we certainly won't blame you for wanting to order more than one item! 

For you and your tastebuds' viewing (and anticipatory) pleasure, here's what you can expect to see, taste, and experience at McDo in the following days: 



The Ebi Burger

That's right! Ebi , or prawn, doesn't just have to be a go-to item in a Japanese menu's tempura section this time around. McDo has successfully translated the universally loved dish into a burger, inviting diners to take generous bites of its tempura batter-coated shrimp patty (that is most definitely made out of real shrimp) and slathered in special complementing sweet sauce and sandwiched between beds of fresh, crunchy lettuce. 

As for the bun? It's dotted with white and black sesame seeds for an extra layer of subtle flavor rounding up the whole tasting experience. 

As a bonus, this item couldn't have come at a better time, as Filipinos will soon be looking for non-meat items in their favorite food joints when the Lenten Season comes around in a few days. 


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The Teriyaki Samurai Burger

It's definitely as kingly and majestic as it sounds. 

The Teriyaki Samurai Burger is going to be the meat lover's new dream come true as it's all about giving them an unforgettable all-beef experience with a familiar recipe that's creatively executed. 

Featuring a juicy beef patty dipped in teriyaki glaze topped with a dollop of mayonnaise, it's a super tasty east-meets-west creation highlighting one of Japan's most famous flavor exports that Pinoys will approve of. Crisp greens and a doughy bun round up the burger for a burger that lacks nothing.


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Nori Shake Shake Fries

Just when everyone thought this McDo favorite couldn't get any more fun and exciting, they introduce a totally new twist to it that people are sure to obsess over. 

Nori, a.k.a. the unique, salty seaweed flavor commonly present in Japanese seafood dishes and soups, is turned into a French fry flavor. Given that it's virtually impossible for anyone to turn down McDo's world-famous fries and any of its varieties, the challenge with Nori Shake Shake fries is to stop people from finishing them before you do!

Trust us; you're going to want to safeguard your bag as everyone will want to get a taste of this lip-smacking snack. 


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Strawberry Sakura McFloat

Of course, a visit to McDo isn't complete without finishing off your meal with a speciality drink. This month, McDo proudly presents a distinctly Japanese flavor that's undoubtedly going to turn into a fan favorite: the Strawberry Sakura McFloat. 

It's a flavor that's difficult to describe, but one never forgotten once you've tried it. Fragrant and subtle in taste, sakura is often turned into a flavor for lots of Japanese desserts, pastries, and sweets, making it a lovely partner to strawberry, which is often used in the same way. Add vanilla to the mixture to bring the two together in a coherent creation, and you have an edible masterpiece!

Best of all, this float flavor is available at McDo's dessert and float stations, nationwide. 


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To complete the experience, McDo branches will even be re-decorating, taking their cue from recognizable Japanese elements! Crew members will likewise have different outfits on to make your visit a little more special, and those still looking for extra fun can enjoy specially designed tray mats that are actually origami-ready. 

McDonald's Philippines special Japanese menu items are also available through delivery, drive-thru, and take-out. 

We know what we're having for dinner tonight!