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The Metro Food Pop Up Brings You Mouthwatering Comfort Food and Fun D.I.Y. Kits This Weekend

Discover your inner chef with The Black Pig's meal kits on Saturday, while Wildflour's themed trays make Sunday extra special

We had a really fun weekend with The Metro Food Pop Up, which launched on Mother’s Day with a special set menu from People’s Palace. As usual, Chef Colin Mackay worked his magic and sent out such special, delicious meals that you can hardly believe he’s working under the restrictions of quarantine. 

If you missed it, don't fret because there’s more coming up! The Metro Food Pop Ups is a month-long series of collaborations celebrating Mother's Day. Metro collaborated with handpicked restaurants, so that each one offers a special set menu available for takeout or delivery on one Saturday or Sunday this May. After all, why not celebrate with mom for a full month, rather than just a day? Take a look at the roster below. 

The menus were curated by Cyrene dela Rosa, and each one offers a unique experience. So really, you don’t have to choose just one — not when you can have a completely new food adventure every Saturday and Sunday of the month! 

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How Do You Get Your Kids To Cook? This Step-By-Step Kitchen Guide Will Get Your Kids Cooking At Home In No Time

This Saturday, cook like a chef with help from The Black Pig 

If you’ve ever dreamed of pulling off an elaborate, restaurant-style meal with all the works, this is your chance.  The Black Pig’s Meal Kits is a complete ready-to-cook 5-course-menu that comes to you chilled or frozen (depending on how soon you want to eat). Each kit comes with printed instructions that lets you be a chef in the comfort of your own home. Don't worry, it's really easy, and the bread and dessert come ready to eat. We love how each dish has been so carefully prepared that they even provide the garnish! This weekend, they have two available menus: 

If you feel the printed instructions aren't enough, The Black Pig's Chef Carlos Garcia has even uploaded instructional videos on YouTube to demonstrate the process. Here he is showing us how to prep the cochifrito, a deboned, 640-gram suckling pig. 

And here's Chef Carlos showing us how to prep the Salmon Confit:

It's the most fun way to spend Saturday morning, in our opinion. And you get to eat the goodies afterwards. 

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Put A Smile On Mom’s Face With 15 Of The Sweetest Treats To Order For Mother’s Day

Wildflour makes your Sunday extra special 

What could be easier than pre-ordering a tray of Wildflour favorites to share with the family?  The American Tray includes mouthwatering fried chicken and biscuits with country gravy and maple syrup, while the Filipino Tray has a winner Bicol Express made with crisp pork belly, and a beef tapa to enjoy with sunny eggs. Check out the two menus:

The very definition of comfort eating, item on the menu is just mouthwatering and definitely something you'll want to eat at home.   

Finally, we make delivery really easy

It's a bit of a hassle getting delivery service these days, so we decided to take away the pain by working with our own delivery service provider, MrSpeedyEats. We strongly recommend that you preorder as early as possible. Once you've sent in your order, please wait for the restaurant to confirm your order and to advise you on the delivery fee, which will vary depending on distance. Delivery fees will have to be shouldered by the customer.

Have a delicious weekend with Metro Food Pop Ups, and please keep checking back with us as we unveil the restaurant menus for the third and fourth weekends of the month. Enjoy!