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The Last Metro Food Pop Up This May Brings You Beloved And Heartwarming Filipino Favorites

Chef Tina Legarda of Bamba Bistro pays homage to the simplicity and diversity of Filipino cuisine

We saved something special for the last weekend of the Metro Food Pop Ups for the month of May — this special menu created by Chef Tina Legarda of Bamba Bistro, available only this Saturday, May 30, for lunch and dinner. 

A heartwarming spread of Filipino dishes your family will love

The Metro Food Pop Ups are a series of special set menus created in partnership with selected restaurants, and offered on all the weekends of the month of May. Designed to be a month-long celebration of Mother’s Day, Metro Food Pop Ups also became a movement to help support Manila’s restaurant industry through the challenge of quarantine. It’s a very heartwarming cause because, in spite of the struggles they now face, our partner chefs, restaurateurs and their crew have always been frontliners in the fight against COVID-19. These are the people who deliver free meals to frontliners, who raise funds for and who work the community kitchens to help feed underprivileged communities, and who just work very, very hard to make a living for their families. They deserve all our support. 

Not to mention the fun and color they bring us with the super delicious meals they send off to our homes, and the ready-to-cook kits that let us try our hand at cooking their specialties in our very own kitchens. These guys just really make life better for everyone. 

This Saturday’s menu is themed Ode to our Islands, and is Chef Tina Legarda’s homage to our beloved Filipino cuisine with all its flavors, colors and essence. “This menu is dedicated to my Bamba team and all the wonderful stories they shared with me about growing up in their different provinces,” she shares. It’s a fantastic menu that celebrates local ingredients and is modern without losing the true essence of Filipino cooking. “I think it shows how beautifully diverse [the food] of our country can be,” says Chef Tina.

The catch is, it’s only available this Saturday, May 30 (I know we mentioned it already, but just so you don’t forget!) and preorders will be accepted only until 3 pm on Friday, May 29. 

Chef Tina’s tiny jewel of a restaurant is Bamba Bistro, and we believe it’s one of the most underrated restaurants in the city if only because it’s so tiny and tucked away in a corner of Aguirre Street in BF Homes Parañaque. If you don’t live in the south, it takes a real commitment to travel all the way there for a meal, so many northerners never get the chance. A shame, because Chef Tina’s food is really quite special, even on ordinary days when you just want something simple and comforting. She never disappoints. 

Don’t miss the last Metro Food Pop Up this May. It’s the kind of experience that will nourish you body and soul, and keep a smile on your face all weekend long. 

Till our next #MetroFoodPopUp. Watch for it! 

To order, call (02) 8519-7097 or (0998) 465-9984, or message @BambaBistro on FB/IG