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This Cookie Dough And Vanilla Ice Cream Bar Is The Most Thrilling New Dessert In Town

You've to to order them on schedule. Find out how

Ah, cookie dough. As kids, we could never resist the impulse to lick the bowl clean after baking cookies or brownies, even though we’d be scolded for it. Now we’re all grown up and still the lure of cookie dough is strong and hard to resist. Luckily, we can now indulge in these absolutely scrumptious Cookie Dough Bars from Mochiko.


It features the classic combination of buttery French vanilla ice cream sandwiched between layers of chocolate chip cookie dough bars. It’s crazy delicious and doesn’t really need a lot of explanation, right? 

Local brand Mochiko was a Mercato Centrale crowd favorite known for its delectable Japanese mochi balls with ice cream fillings. The Cookie Dough Bars is an old product that they put back on the menu, and we’re so glad they did. One box contains six pieces. Available for delivery in select areas of Metro Manila, check out @hellomochikomochi on Instagram or Facebook. An order form is posted every Friday.

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