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Move Over Dinner In The Sky: Thailand Has A Treepod Dining Experience Where Waiters Serve Your Food While On Zipline

Sure, we’re most comfortable with a five-course meal set up where our feet can touch the ground and the maître d can roam around freely, but being perched up several feet off the ground while being served a hot and fresh gourmet feast is a whole new level–literally—of a ritzy dining experience.

Take for example the Dinner in the Sky introduced in Pasay a few months back. Fearless foodies have taken the challenge of being hoisted up in air for a nice fine dining experience, complemented by the perfect view of the Manila skyline and the majestic Manila Bay sunset.




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The luxury of playing God, observing the rest of the world go about their day while we munch on our second serving of Dulce de Leche cheesecake dome by Chef Hylton le Roux, we discovered, is worth every penny – an experience not even our acrophobia will keep us from.



Thailand, we recently found out, has a version of dining in the sky, too. With a more intimate setting, a bird’s eye view of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest and the aquamarine ocean, plus the zip-line acrobatic spectacle of a personal waiter—what more can one ask for?




Only true Jedis eat in Tree Pods

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This special Treepod Dining can be found in one of Thailand’s luxury resorts, Soneva Kiri. It’s on a private island at Koh Kood which the natives describe as how ancient Siam looked before—untamed jungle, pristine beaches and a lot of local fishermen carrying on with their business without interruption from commercial establishments.

From breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner, the Treepod Dining takes you on a new high while being suspended atop the wild trees of Koh Kood. Meals are served by waiters zip-lining their way from the main resort up to the top of the trees—where you and your special someone enjoy a gastronomic spread and a bottle of wine, Tarzan and Jane-style.




A two-hour period is allotted for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one hour for high tea.



You can reach Soneva Kiri in just an hour via a private plane from Bangkok, which can be arranged by the resort.