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Mulberry Door's Trish Panlilio Is Serving Up Feasts That Feed Body, Mind, And Heart

Since the beginning of time, food's primary purpose was simply to line stomachs and sustain bodies—basic functions of survival once thought to hold no deeper meaning. 

But in the hands of a trained restauranteur like Trish Panlilio, food takes on a much more noble mission and goes well beyond meeting our bodily needs. For her, what fills our plates and tables actually holds the potential to influence and inform, the power to connect and change. 

Take it from her and her three sons Matteo, Luca, and Quintin who, together, form part of the core group behind foodie favorites nawwTy's kitchen and Mulberry Door; they're serving up a one-of-a-kind, three-part dinner series called nawwTy Gives Back, one that not only feeds the physical, but also nurtures mind and heart.  


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Trish Panlilio with sons Matteo, Luca, and Quintin


Coinciding with Mulberry Door's second anniversary celebration this May and its continued success in Manila's competitive food scene, the special project was orgnaized with the aim of giving back by shining the spotlight on three of Trisha's fellow female food and nutrition-focused entrepreneurs and leaders of social enterprise.

All for a good cause, each dinner Trish conceptualized herself was made to highlight these business' unique products and services in the most delicious ways.


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First on the list of the project's partners are Hindi Weber and Melanie Teng-Go's, co-founders of Holy Carabao—a local farm that promotes holistic wellness and proves that achieving healthy eating in the family is easier than you think. Much of their work has influenced the Filipino household to choose farm-to-family produce.


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Second is Jenny Yrasuegui of Backyard Farms who, much like Hindy and Melanie, is slowly but steadily providing Filipino consumers with wholesome produce. Jenny concentrates on the farming of real pasture-raised, antibiotic-free and hormone-free poultry and pork, an effort she trusts won't only result in better tasting dishes, but more importantly, in healthier individuals. 


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Last but not the least is Jeannie Javelosa who helps manage sustainable lifestyle boutique Echo Store and GREAT Women, organizations that concentrates on providing women with meaningful, sustainable, and relevant modes of livelihood that result in both the uplifting of their lives and in the promotion of an aspect of Philippine culture.

A fashion showcase of some of GREAT Women's partner communities' works will be making beautiful appearances at the event. 


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This first dinner in this series is scheduled to take place on June 18 and will be done in partnership with Holy Carabao.

On the menu are:

  • Salad with Pickled Sugar Beets and a Mulberry Dressing and Zucchini Consomme with Roasted Crisp Corn Kernels to start
  • Cochinillo and a Seafood or Vegan option, together with Pinakbet Paella accompanied by an Eggplant Chimichurri and Pickled Banana Peppers as the event
  •  And for dessert, Guava Jam and Grilled Kesong Puti, and Ice Cream with a Honey Tuille


Now if these delectable dishes don't get your mouth watering, nothing will! 


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Meaningful collaborations that empower women and children who need it most. #MothersWhoBrunch will team up with @nawwty and @backyardfarmsph for a fundraising dinner which will provide more opportunities for inclusion of all individuals. Thank you Trish, for bringing together such a stellar team of women who know that there is power in numbers! Congratulations on your successful media launch of your three pronged celebration commemorating @mulberrydoor ‘s anniversary with your #NawwtyGivesBack series! • • • • Missing @hindyweber and @sinfullysabrina! • • • • Manila Peeps! Want to purchase your seat for our collaborative dinner in August? Send us a DM! Want to know how to get involved? Send us a DM! Want to sponsor plates or make a contribution? Send us a DM! • • • • #medialaunch #collaboration #empowered #empoweredwomen #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #wearyourculture #pinay #philippines #nawwty #motherswhobrunch #holycarabao #backyardfarmsph #greatwomen #bestbuddiesph #bestbuddies #foundation #collaborative #advocacy

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Worry not if you've already got something planned on that date; the dinner featuring dishes made with Backyard Farms is scheduled in August, and the third and final feast featuring a menu combining Holy Carabao and Backyard Farms' produce lineup is set all the way in October.

You've got more than enough time to schedule them!


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Each dinner is priced at P7,000 per head, the proceeds of which will be given to each of the featured entrepreneurs' organizations of choice: SOIL for HIndy and Melanie, Best Buddies Philippines for Jenny, and the GREAT Women Stock Purchase Fund for Jeannie. 

For more information on nawwTy Gives Back's dinner series for a cause and how to purcahse tickets, visit @mulberrydoor on Facebook or Instagram, or call 810 5427, (0918) 998 7474, or (0906) 496 3745. 


Mulberry Door at Bonifacio Global City


Truly, food was never just meant to be cooked, served, and eaten. 

With the right team behind the kitchen and the very land that brings forth the ingredients lovingly made into our favorite dishes, food can make us better, overall.


Cover and content image from @nawwty