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Must-Try Superhero Treats At The New DC Super Heroes Cafe In Megamall

Comics lovers, DC fans, and foodies are all flocking to this brand new superhero-themed restaurant in town. From salads and filling meals to signature drinks and cocktails, DC Super Heroes Cafe has got it all, making it the newest must-try hang-out place in SM Megamall for families, friends, or foodies looking for something new.


Even Aquaman came to support the opening of DC Super Heroes Cafe!


The ambiance inside the restaurant is pretty inviting, every nook and cranny alive with caped heroes and sculpted men in tight leggings. Every wall is a work of art worthy of a snap and all figures in display are for sale.




But a restaurant is a restaurant, and we're here, of course, for the food! The Gotham Gazette-themed menu boasts of a huge selection of dishes and drinks, all crafted and styled as a feast for the eyes.

And to save yourself from the daunting work of choosing from their massive menu, we've done the picking for you.

To start off, get the Seared Tuna Salad, beautifully cooked tuna on a bed of crisp and fresh lettuce. If you're looking for something to share, the Smoked Salmon Plate is also a treat.



For something more filling, DC Cafe offers an array of cuisines from something American to something Italian. The Focaccia Pizza is a good dish to share and The Belly Buster is indeed a hunger buster! We love that you can alternate between the aioli and marinara sauces for their duck fat-fried fries, but do ask for table salt if you want your fries to be on the saltier side.




If you’re looking for a rice meal, the Buttermilk-Fried Chicken Wings are a must-try! The chicken is crispy and tender, but the real winner is their Pomodoro sauce and honey mustard combo. Something to fill you up before you get out and bust some crime.



If you’re looking for something unique, one of DC Café’s specialties is the Chicken Fingers a la Negra, which we like to fondly call the Batman Fingers. They’re basically chicken strips fried coated in squid ink with a side of slaw and honey mustard to dip. Both well-presented and very tasty, this is another dish we’d give two thumbs up.



Although DC Café is a certified family-friendly restaurant, friends shouldn’t hesitate to go here for their alcoholic fixes. Their cocktails do hit the right spot with a playful mix of colors and flavors, without the alcohol being too overpowering. For something sweet and creamy, go for the Roses & Thorns, an “alluring potion blend of rose, milk, cucumber, white rum, gin, lime, and rose tapioca.” Yum!

DC Super Heroes Café is located at 4/L Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall and is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, check out their Facebook page at DC Super Heroes Café Philippines. They also accept lunch & dinner reservations via (02)477-5673.


Check out their full menu below.