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Our Top 3 Barbecue Picks In QC To Satisfy Our Barbecue Day (May 16) Cravings

Imagine yourself giving in to the goodness of a juicy and savory grilled meat paired with soy sauce, lime, and chili plus a freezing cold bottle of beer in your hand. If that thought doesn’t make you want to go wherever this list takes you, then you’re missing out a lot—especially on a day as special as today.

May 16 is National Barbecue Day which only means we have the right to indulge in all things inihaw today without feeling a tiny bit of guilt (okay, maybe just a little).

We’ve “scouted” around the area for our top three favorite barbecue picks and here’s where our cravings led us.


1. Bacolod Chicken Parilla, Scout Reyes




Parilla, a Spanish term for grill, is a humble Bacolod chicken joint in the middle of a neighborhood in Scout Reyes. Although small, this place is never not crowded unless it’s the awkward hours in the afternoon. It’s always bustling with people from practically all walks of life, all patiently waiting to be seated.



Parilla. Still the best. #inasal #parilla

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Our favorite: Grilled Chicken Liver

It. Melts. In. Your. Mouth. ‘Nuff said.


2. Isaw Haus, Sgt. Esguerra




We’ve always come to believe (because our parents wanted us to believe) that animal guts are downright icky and that they really shouldn’t be eaten. But behold the makers of these smokin’ guts, this guilty pleasure has long been a part of our street food culture.

Isaw Haus serves some of the best tasting barbecue in the metro with just about the right amount of sweet, tangy and spicy—all coming together to create one explosive flavor.

Our favorite: Isaw, of course!



Food wins this time ??

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3. Lola Ote, Sgt. Esguerra



#lolaote #lolaotebbq #masarap #quezoncity

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From the outside, it looks like an ancestral house refurbished to be one of the most flocked-to restaurants in the vicinity. Lola Ote managed to put a glorious take on the casual barbecue treat on a stick by serving it with style.



Our favorite: their picture-ready Pork Barbecue



So, if you’re still reading this last line, you’re definitely wasting your time. You really should be going right now to either one of these three BBQ joints! Go, hurry.