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The Pallet In Poblacion Proves That Food Park Culture Is Still Alive And Well

Poblacion is the epitome of chill and good vibes, and the restaurants and bars surrounding the area reflect that laid back feel that we all look for on weekends. Somewhere in Poblacion, you’ll find a craft cocktail that hits the spot, a floor on which to dance like no one’s watching, and you’re likely bump into somebody you know. Before, in between, or after all of that carefree fun, there’s now a place to grab a quick bite with more than enough variety so that everyone’s cravings are satisfied.

The food park craze may have reached its peak a few years ago, with food parks opening (and some closing) in every corner of the city. These days, food parks have become more discerning about their locations and their food offerings. But the draw remains the same—great food, a good crowd, and friendly prices.



The Pallet first opened in late 2018 and is the first food park in Poblacion surrounding the Z Hostel area. What first peaked my interest was the Pad Thai and Wet Fried Mee that Asian Hawker could wok-up in mere minutes. If you’re craving for Curry Laksa or Nasi Lemak, Asian Hawker takes you on a culinary tour, stopping by Thailand to Malaysia to Singapore. It’s fusion and it works! 

If street meat makes you sizzle, then Mang Jose chars up everything from BBQ Chicken to Isaw to Liempo, priced from P20 to P140. Add a side of vinegar and some hot chilies and you’ve got a no-to-low-carb quick bite that satisfies your hunger and doesn’t empty your pockets. Or you can celebrate the weekend and add a side of rice (or two)!



Adjacent to Mang Jose, there’s Antojitos, serving nachos and quesadillas at P110 and P170 respectively. My policy is, any nacho doused in hot sauce is a delicious nacho, so for me, Antojitos is also a win.



I tried the ice cream at Creamco Creamery and the only thing melting away was me. Creamco starts by pouring a creamy milk base on a frozen slab, and then adds ingredients one by one. To finish, they vigorously stir the mixture (it makes for a great Boomerang on IG stories) and then flatten it on the frozen slab. One by one, they roll the ice cream into thin cylindrical shapes that melt the second they touch your tongue. The creamy milk base tastes light which balances out the banana and Nutella that I added to mine. I may need an accountability partner to keep me from hitting this spot every night. Any takers?


The Pallet has several other stalls such as Heath Fit Fast Food and Ramen Attack, and don’t forget to spin around the back side of The Pallet to find an entire hidden side of other eateries.


While browsing the rear perimeter, take the stairs to the second floor where you’ll find a rooftop bar serving ice-cold San Miguel beers for P70, as well as a variety of cocktails.



On a breezy clear night, the ambiance is ideal for a simple evening out with friends and The Pallet provides the perfect place for an intermission to refuel while enjoying Poblacion’s bustling nightlife. 


The Pallet, 5804 Jacobo corner Doña Carmen Street, Poblacion, Makati City, IG @thepalletph


Photos by Paul del Rosario