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Entertaining Secret: Pancake House Catering For Your Next Party

From their signature pancake recipes to their tasty fried chicken, Pancake House just gave us another reason to obsess over our classic favorites through their newly opened catering service

Throwing a party at home often means having a long list of groceries you need to shop for, and allotting the time and effort to prepare the dishes that your guests would enjoy. But with our busy schedules, it's quite a gargantuan task to prepare a full course menu, so more often than not, we resort to our usual takeout and delivery food.

Luckily, Pancake House, one of our go-to restaurants for classic favorites, just opened a new catering service that features their delectable dishes that you and your discerning guests will enjoy.

Instagram | @pancakehouseph

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As familiar as a childhood friend, Pancake House has been one of our go-to places whenever we seek for food that hits the spot for goodness and comfort. Make your guests feel at home and celebrate without the hassle of preparing dishes that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Instagram | @pancakehouseph

Whatever the celebration, or when you’re in need of comfort food, make that choice of feeling good with Pancake House. From its slew of feel-good choices, to attentive customer service, down to its homey ambience, Pancake House has always been the place that lets you have a dining experience that is warm and comforting. And with their catering, you can extend this experience wherever you decide to dine and to celebrate.

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