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Parasite's Steak Ram-Don Gets Even More Extra At Gochu Gang This Weekend

Chef Patrick Go serves his version of the ultimate comfort food

It's been a month since Korean film Parasite won a slew of awards at the Oscars. We loved this taut, nerve-wracking masterpiece that’s left us with a strong craving for more Korean cinema plus a heaping servings of steak ram-don. 

Also called jjapaguri, this dish is quintessential comfort food that combines two different types of instant noodles — a black bean noodle and a spicy seafood flavor. It’ a middle class dish, but in the household of the Parks, it is elevated by the addition of Hanu (or hanwoo), the Korean version of wagyu, a premium and very expensive meat. 

Mrs Park eating Steak Ram-don in the movie Parasite

It didn't take long for Steak Ram-don recipes to hit the internet, and we did feature our favorite version made with sirloin steak. 

How To Make Steak Ramdon From The Movie Parasite


How To Make Steak Ramdon From The Movie Parasite

But if you don't want to cook it yourself, just head over to The Grid Food Market at the Powerplant Mall. Chef Patrick Go is serving his own version of Steak Ram-don only this weekend at Gochu-Gang, Stall no. 6

This is steak ram-don leveled up. Unlike the movie version which just throws together two kinds of instant noodles, Patrick uses udon noodles. He makes his own sauces and, instead of Korean hanu steak, he uses Australian striploin. The dish is served with kimchi on the side, the perfect contrast to salty-sweet flavor of the ram-don. Just reading this is making us crave it again. 

Steak Ram-don is available on weekends at Gochu Gang, Stall no. 6, The Grid Food Market, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell