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Perk Up With These Ice-Cold Coffee Drinks Inspired By Italy

Coffee aficionados may have already sampled a hot cup of Nespresso coffee, perhaps while visiting the Philippines’ first Nespresso boutique at the new wing of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, or at the many hotels and restaurants that offer Nespresso. But have they ever had Nespresso on Ice?


Nespresso on Ice launch party


At a preview recently held at Manila House Private Members Club, guests were treated to two Limited Edition Nespresso on Ice variants, both reminiscent of iced coffee concoctions from Italy.


Ispirazione Shakerato and Ispirazione Salentina


Ispirazione Salentina is a smooth, bold yet balanced brew. Just add two ice cubes to a large glass, followed by 30 ml almond or cow’s milk, 5 ml sugar cane syrup, and 25 ml coffee on top. The result is a refreshing ice-cold drink with beautiful coffee-milk layers, offering roasted, nutty notes thanks to the coffee beans sourced from Salento in Puglia, Italy.

Ispirazione Shakerato is a more powerful brew with the dark aroma of cocoa. Also inspired by Italian iced coffee drinks, it’s shaken instead of stirred. Start with 1 sugar stick, 40 ml coffee, plus 3 ice cubes. Add to a shaker (like the VIEW Shaker Mini Kit recommended by Nespresso), and shake until well blended.


Lattissima One and View Shaker Mini Kit


The launch was also the occasion to introduce Nespresso’s newest machine, the Lattissima One. Nespresso’s most affordable and compact one-touch milk machine, the Lattissima One helps you make top-quality cappuccino and latte macchiato at home. Nicely designed and compact, it’s easy to use and clean, requiring no rinsing. 


Chef Sunshine Puey, Novateur Coffee Concepts Managing Director Patrick Pesengco, and Novateur Coffee Concepts Marketing Manager Mia Silva


This happens to be the first Nespresso Limited Edition launch in the Philippines. To mark the occasion, Novateur Coffee Concepts Managing Director Patrick Pasengco encouraged everyone to “discover new ways to enjoy your coffee.” He added, “It is our goal to keep bringing new coffee moments to our consumers through uniquely delicious coffee experiences, and these all new limited edition flavors are sure to do the job.”


You can drop by the Nespresso Boutique at the new wing of Power Plant, Rockwell Center in Makati City or visit