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Our 5 Best-Loved Pinoy Pasalubong To Give Your Foodie Friends


Filipinos are a globe-trotting lot, having explored the farthest corners of the world, whether for work or leisure. As travelers, aside from discovering a country and understanding its culture, one of our biggest thrills is finding the perfect pasalubong, especially if that gift happens to be food. We take great care and effort in seeking the most delicious finds from around the world to bring home to our loved ones.

The same goes for the Philippines which has a great many pasalubong picks from all over the archipelago. Here we share some of our best loved Pinoy food finds well loved by Filipinos and foreign visitors alike.



Chocolate Covered Dried Mango

It’s been said that the Philippines has some of the juiciest and sweetest mangoes in the world. Since fresh fruit has a short shelf life, we’re still able to share our mangoes by having them dried into sweet, chewy bites. But we’ve discovered something to make them even better—dried mango dipped in chocolate! It’s the best of both worlds.




Smoky, sweet, and filling, moron is a type of kakanin or rice cake sold across Leyte province in Eastern Visayas. Made from sweet rice, coconut, and sugar, it costs just a few pesos each. This street food is the perfect snack, best enjoyed with a cup of cocoa or warm salabat (ginger tea).




When we see the colorful wrappings of this yummy dessert, we’re transported back to our childhoods! Barquiron, barquillos filled with polvoron, is loved by kids and the kids-at-heart, and you can never stop with just one!




Another truly iconic Pinoy pasalubong, the polvoron is considered to be a Filipino-style shortbread that’s made by combining butter, sugar, powdered milk and rice flour. It’s sweet and nutty, and we warn you - very addictive! Today, you can enjoy several different variants, including polvoron dipped in white and dark chocolate.



Brownie Bites

While not typically associated with being Pinoy, this type of brownie has become completely our own. These bite-sized delights are often made from dark chocoalte (sourced from the cocoa/chocolate made here in the philippines), which makes them kakaiba! It’s not too sweet and we particularly love this version because it contains Philippine cashew nuts, which make every mouthful truly satisfying.