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NEW: Where To Get Really Delicious Yakitori For Delivery

The grill experts behind SpiceBird are now making flavor-packed Japanese yakitori

Have you ever had yakitori just off the grill? It's quite an experience to be standing out in the open surrounded by thick grill smoke, then biting into intensely flavored skewered meat. Good news: you can now get your yakitori fix from Please, Senpai Yakitori, the hot new food delivery service by The Sunny Side Group, which brought us Sunny Side Café in Boracay and SpiceBird, which has outlets in Boracay and Manila.

“We’ve taken our expertise in grilling at SpiceBird Grill, and applied it to flavor-packed Japanese yakitori,” read their announcement on Instagram.

Start with the Yakitori Bowls, of which there are four variants: chicken, pork, chicken and pork, and vegetable. Each one has three sticks of yakitori, fluffy steamed rice, onsen egg, temoura flakes, nori, furikake, Japanese pickles, and house-made tare sauce.  There are also Yakitori Trays of ten to 20 pieces each.

To order, just message 0917-703-0729, or send a message to Off Grid Virtual Food Hall on Facebook or Instagram.