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Portuguese Chef João Correia Presents Exclusive Dinner at Mirèio

This is a rare chance to sample exquisite Portuguese cuisine in Manila

On October 30 and 31, celebrated Portuguese chef João Correia will present an exclusive four-course dinner at Raffles Makati’s signature restaurant, Mirèio. 

An elegant cuisine, Portuguese food is rooted in simple cooking practices that highlight the quality of the ingredients. It’s no-fuss comfort food, though not necessarily traditional or rustic, and Portuguese chefs have been distinguishing themselves these past few years with playful, inventive renditions of their traditional dishes using exotic new flavors and cooking methods. 


It's exciting to note that Chef João has some intriguing ingredients to work with for the dinner. Codfish á Brás, a traditional Portuguese dish, will make use of of dry, salted cod (more familiar to us as bacalhau) originating from Bairro Alto, an old quarter of Lisbon. Red snapper and scarlet shrimp, both from the deep Mediterranean, will be cooked with green stalks of samphire, a marine vegetable known for its crisp, salty flavor. Most exciting of all is the pork presa, a fantastic cut of Iberico pork. This rare delicacy is famous for its flavor, juiciness and high degree of marbling.

For dessert, the chef will present the traditional Abade de Priscos, a rich crème caramel said to have been invented by Fray Manuel Joaquim Machado Rebelo, a 19th-century abbot whose cooking was so famous that he was invited to prepare a feast for the Portuguese royal family several times. Very similar to our leche flan, this abade is cooked with bacon and large amounts of egg yolk and served with calamansi sorbet.

Currently the executive chef of Rossio Gastrobar, a stylish rooftop restaurant in the Alta Avenida hotel in Lisbon, Chef João was born in Santarém in Portugal’s Ribatejo region. He says he was was fascinated by what went on in the kitchen from the age of three." He has been cooking professionally for 20 years now.

Just last year, he hosted the "Sabores Das Filipinas", a week-long festival celebrating Philippine cuisine in Lisbon, sponsored by the Philippine Embassy in Portugal. It was a meeting of minds and cuisines that was culinary diplomacy at its finest.

Don't miss out on the rare chance to taste Chef João's exquisite cooking at Mirèio. Priced at P4,000 per person,  wine pairings are available for an additional P1,500 per person. For reservations, please contact 7795-0707 or