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These Asian ice Cream Bars Are Just What You Need To Cool Down Right Now

Get your fill of ice cream in brown sugar milk tea, red bean, green matcha and other unique flavors

Was it barely a year since we were in the throes of a love affair with gelato? Now we’re on the brink of a full-scale romance with Asian ice creams, who are so seductive with their  distinctive, exciting flavors. So we're really glad to find out about Dairy Freeze, a new online store that specializes in one-of-a-kind Asian ice cream bars. 

“Ice cream is a dessert that most people love and enjoy,” said Dairy Freeze owners Eloisa and Justin. “Whenever we travel with our family and friends, we make it a must to try out unique variances of ice cream that country specifically offers. However, due to current travel restrictions, why not bring in the experience here instead? It would be awesome to share the happiness of tasting one-of-a-kind Asian ice creams that you can seldom find in the local market. Hence, Dairy Freeze is here to make it accessible to everyone under a single platform.”

Right now, Dairy Freeze carries the following brands: A-chino from Taiwan, Meiji from Japan, and Appolo from Hong Kong. They are also continuously expanding their product line, so you can expect to find new ice cream brands in the coming months.

We're thrilled to find some of our favorites, including the Achino Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice Cream. This is a creamy milk bar wrapped in dark brown sugar syrup, and embedded with chewy pearls made of rice flour mochi and brown sugar. It's gorgeous with a marbled effect. 

We're loving Appolo's Matcha White Chocolate with Red Beans taiyaki. A taiyaki means it's molded in the shape of a fish, which adds whimsy to the experience. 

Japanese brand Meiji is available in 12 unique flavors, the complete list of which is   Mango with Condensed Milk, Matcha Chocolate, White Peach Oolong, Strawberry White Chocolate, Matcha with Red Beans, Chocolate Almond, Red Beans with Condensed Milk, and Chestnut Red Beans. 

If you're wondering what to choose, Eloisa and Justin share their personal favorites. Meiji White Peach Oolong combines the sweet flavor of peaches with the balanced taste of oolong tea. It also has cheese on top and tiny bits of peaches that complements the palate. 

Meiji Pineapple and Coconut has sweet pineapple and creamy coconut, making the overall flavor light and refreshing. If you feel like this is a weird mixture for an ice cream bar, then go ahead and try it for yourselves first! 

Appolo Milk Pudding has a rich and smooth milky texture with just the right amount of sweetness! This is perfect for people who love the sweet old classic taste.

To order, send a DM to @dairyfreezeph on IG or FB