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Here’s Where To Get Authentic Italian Fine Wine For Your Next Fancy Dinner

If you’re looking for the best and finest wine from all over the world, you don’t have to scour the world or go knocking restaurant to restaurant—just visit Premium Wine Exchange in Makati.

Premium Wine Exchange (PWX) started out from the enthusiasm for wine of friends Jeri Jalandoni, Fred Uytengsu, Eric Recto, and Jojo Madrid in 2003, later becoming a full-on importer and supplier of fine wines from wine regions like Napa, Champagne, Burgundy, Italy, and Spain. Ever since, PWX has become the go-to place for fine wines, thanks to their diverse fine wine collection, their commitment to customer satisfaction, and their facilities for storing wine in perfect conditions. Apart from selling wine, PWX also offer private cellar rentals to help wine aficionados store their favorite bottles efficiently and in the right temperature.



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In terms of wine portfolio, PWX offers only the best from the wine regions and embodies the discerning palate of their founders. They represent some of the best producers from these respective regions, including Salon from Champagne, Conterno from Piedmont, Comte de Vogue from Burgundy, and Harlan from Napa.


Going back to their roots

Italy is indeed home to some of the oldest wine cellars in the world and what’s unique about the country’s 20 wine-producing regions is that they are able to produce a rich variety of wine styles. This is also why PWX has chosen to source some of their best wines from the country, including Italy’s best estates such as Soldera, Biondi Santi, Mazzei, Zenato, Ciacci Piccolimini d'Aragona, and Sassetti Livio Pertimali.

So what’s Italian wine like and how different is it from other wines from other notable wine regions? Metro Channel’s The Crawl Italy brings singer-artist Matteo Guidicelli, Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Forés, and PWX to a tour of Northern Italy’s wine regions Veneto and Tuscany. There, they get up-close with some of PWX’s supplier estates such as Mazzei, Piccolimini d'Aragona, and Sassetti Livio Pertimali.



Jopet Reyes, PWX’s Sales and Marketing Manager, and Jojo Madrid, Managing Partner at PWX, say that there is a lot of excitement about Italian wines and estates. “We think Italy as a wine country produces some of the best and most exciting wines in the world, rivaling France. [And there’s] so much still that needs to be discovered. Italy has 500-600 different grape varietals so the exploration and discoveries are endless.”



Wine suggestions

When it comes to pitting cheap wine against fine wine, it’s all about the taste, aroma, texture, and overall personal experience with the wine. While it’s usually hard for non-experts to know the difference, there really is something warmer, more velvety, or a more balanced taste to appreciate in a glass of fine wine compared to something you’d buy in a grocery store.

Jopet and Jojo share a few simple pointers to look out for when choosing a nice red or white. “Balance is what makes a white or red wine good. A red wine is considered good if the fruit, the acidity, and tannins are in balance; one element shouldn’t overwhelm the others. For whites, it would be the balance of fruit and acidity. Wines should also have flavor intensity that should result in a longer, more intense finish. The finish indicates the level of quality. Finally, for me at least, the wine should give the taster a sense of place.”

For a red wine suggestion, grab a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino from Sassetti Livio or Ciacci Piccolimini d'Aragona. A Brunello di Montalcino is one of Italy’s best-known and prestigious wines, and is produced with 100 percent Sangiovese. It must be aged for at least four years before being released to capture the unique flavor profile that is bloody, gamey, and tarred with hints of Sangiovese’s bright cherry notes and spices.



Another beautiful and rich red that's one of the favorites of Chef Margarita Fores is the Amarone della Valpolicella from Zenato. Since 1960, the Zenato winery has been producing top quality Amarone delivers a rich, full-bodied taste. One of the main reasons behind the complexity of Amarone is that the grapes used for the wine are planted in clay and stone soil. The richness of the Amarone make it a great partner to steaks and roast duck.



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For a white wine bottle, you can check the Mazzei Tenuta Belguardo Vermentino Bianco Toscana, made with Vermentino grapes. A Vermentino white is light and dry with medium high acidity. It is also perfect to pair with fish dishes and light meats that highlight herbal flavors.



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All of these fine wines and more can be purchased from PWX. Check out their full portfolio here and visit their website at


Watch Matteo Guidicelli and Chef Margarita Forés’ tour of Italy on The Crawl Italy, premiering on December 15, 8 p.m. on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. You can also catch the episode earlier exclusively on iWant on December 14!