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Rajo Laurel's Ultimate Food List

Top Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel answers our questions about his top picks about everything food-related. 

Photo from @rajolaurel


Top 3 Caterers

  • Kai is always a favourite 
  • Recently I have been using Happy Ongpauco as her spread is always lovey
  • For grazing, I love how Aperitif presents and prepares their food, and is always a winner

Aperitif | Photo from


Top 5 specialty dishes/crowd pleaser


  • Marielle Po’s caviar pie
  • The Hainan chicken dish of Chef Stevies  (See and order it here:
  • The lobster rolls of Bun Appetit 
  • The Sisig of Cirkulo never fails 
  • The Baked Salmon of Paolo Bustamante is delicious (Inquire and order here: 0920 959 2576)
  • JC Buendia’s Mom does this amazing Chicken dish that is just beautiful.  Perfect for pot luck parties and we order it all the time

Caviar Pie by Marielle Po


Top 3 Desserts

  • The Yulo family strawberry short cake
  • The Caramel cake from Costa Brava
  • Anything from Roshan Samtani as her baked goods are just sublime

Strawberry shortcake by the Yulos | Photo from The Moving Couch Potato


Regional delicacy you regularly order when entertaining?

  • My Mom is from Dumaguete and they have the best bud-bud there best served with hot chocolate
  •  I also love the Silvana’s from Dumaguete which is just delicious

Dumagete silvanas | Photo from


Restaurant suggestions for dining out  

  • Cirkulo is a constant favorite as it feels like home 
  • Kyoto is an amazing small classic Japanese restaurant  that is just wonderful 
  • Mecha Uma! I love how inventive and fun Chef Bruce Ricketss is 
  • TOYO for modern and fun Filipino dining 

Toyo Eatery | Photo from Chuvaness