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We Visited SaladStop's Source Farm In Cavite And Had First Dibs On Their New Menu Items

In just a few short years, SaladStop has proliferated here in the Philippines and proven to be a favorite for those subscribing to the trend for healthier eating. Whether as a bowl, or as a wrap, it’s great to see how so many now opt to go lighter with their meals, and enjoy the range of salads that Salad Stop has to offer. 

So to introduce new menu items that will be available until September 8th, SaladStop thought it would be a great idea to invite the media on a tour of one of their source farms, the Kalye Luntian in Alfonso, Cavite, a short drive off the Tagaytay Ridge. 



The Ahi Ono Grain Bowl is baby spinach, seared tuna, grated eggs, roasted mushrooms, carrots, edamame, cherry tomatoes, Japanese wafu ginger dressing and grains in the form of Adlai. It’s the Adlai that gives this Salad a new dimension, and I loved it! This is hands down my personal favorite of the two new offerings, and with the Adlai, works best as a bowl.



The Howdy! Salad is romaine lettuce, oat-breaded chicken, cheddar cheese, grated eggs, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and a smoky ranch dressing. This was is more conventional but given a twist via the oat breading for the chicken, and the zesty ranch dressing. And I think this one will be the more popular of the two - introduced as their new bestseller; and many will make it their new favorite wrap. 

Before the early morning visit to Luntian, we spent the night at Anya Residences, and what a great job Pedro Roxas and his group (ROXACO) have done here. The food is fantastic, the accommodations are spacious and comfortable, and it’s like a well-appointed home away from home. The attention to detail, and the friendly staff are truly welcoming, so you can be sure we’ll be back.



By 7 in the morning, we were headed to Kalye Luntian, 8 hectares in Alfonso, Cavite, of which only part of the property is presently devoted to supplying SaladStop. Among the young agri-entrepreneurs behind Luntian, it’s Carlo Garcia who I’ve met before; and he was showing me around - besides the main crop of Romaine Lettuce, they’re experimenting with Italian and Curly Kale, Lollo Rosso (the red Lettuce), and other specialised plants & vegetables. We were even given an opportunity to help in the harvesting of the Romaine heads, and setting up the seeding of trays that go to the nursery.




Omnipresent during the event was the new catering arm of SFRI (Specialty Food Retailers Inc.); and I can say here that their food and service are great. If you recall, SFRI handles TWG, SaladStop, Oliviers & Co., and just snared Shake Shack. They’ve now gone full blast in the catering business, and for the dinner of our first night, I loved their strip loin, the seafood stew, and their array of vegetable dishes. They set up wraps, scrambled eggs and tinapa for breakfast at the farm the next morning.

The two new Salad Stop dishes will be available starting Monday, August 13th.


Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng