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SGD Coffee's New Line of Biscotti Is Just The Indulgent Treat You Need Right Now

The classic Italian cookies tweaked to get the perfect combination of chewy-crisp you'll love

A little treasure box arrived on my doorstep one sunny Saturday afternoon. Lifting the lid released the mouthwatering  aroma of spices, of deep dark chocolate, cinnamon, and fruit. These were the new line of biscotti from SGD Coffee. 

Biscotti are traditional Italian cookies that are twice-baked to get signature crispness. The dough is first cooked in logs, cut into slices and then baked again, resulting in a pliant toughness so the cookie will hold well even when you dunk it in coffee. Yes, biscotti is the perfect complement to a cup of coffee, of course, though I’ve been known to enjoy it with a wee bit of vino instead.

Biscotti have not been a big hit with Filipinos, who often think of the cookies as rather dry and tough. The closest experience would be our native biscocho, which we also dunk in coffee.

Which is why I’m so happy that SGD Coffee’s biscotti are  “easy” biscotti that Pinoys will love. They're satisfyingly firm rather than jawbreakingly hard, yet still ideal to dunk in coffee. They come in five flavors: Maple, Toasted Almond, Classic Lemon, Mango Symphony, and Dark Chocolate and Cranberry. 

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These biscotti are quite a rich experience. The texture covers a spectrum of crispness: crunchy on the outside and becoming just a tad chewier in the center. Each piece is studded with flavor ingredients: chunks of chocolate, bits of dried cranberry, sliced almonds  — giving off little explosions of flavor on your tongue. 

And should I mention how good-looking these biscotti are? Every single imperfect piece has a homespun, rustic charm that is a pleasure to serve. Just look at them.

Biscotti travel well and are easy to pack. So these are the perfect edible gifts. They even store well. I put a few pieces in a small jar, ready to serve with after-dinner coffee. 

To order biscotti from SGD Coffee, call (0917) 826-9537 or visit @SGD.Coffee on FB or @sgd_coffee on IG