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We Found A Japanese Restaurant In Ortigas That's Perfect For The After-Office Crowd

You know the picture: you had a long week at work, and the need to grab a satisfying bite to eat accompanied by a tall glass of your poison of choice with office buddies is hard to ignore.

You've shut down your computer, locked your side drawers, and packed up for the night, but alas—where do you go?

Well, if the words "casual," "inexpensive," and "fireside cooking" appeal to you and your appetite, here's the place for you: Soru Izakaya.


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Lava Maki


Oh Umi Maki


The Ortigas business center holds this culinary destination that's waiting to be discovered by many a hungry customer and conceptualized especially for the hardworking yuppie. 

Soru Izakaya is a whimsical little spot in Doña Julia Vargas Avenue that specializes in Japanese robatayaki izakaya-style dining. This ultimately means diners should anticipate indulging in small, tasty dishes and snacks whipped up to complement alcoholic beverages—nothing too heavy, as the dishes should be light enough to let customers talk about the latest office happenings in between bites! 


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Tori Kasai Maki


Tomahawk Tonkatsu


The Nippon restaurant, designed to be an after-office hours haunt, is also washed in Tokyo-inspired urban and traditional Japanese art, giving diners a visual feast.

What makes the dining experience here feel authentic is the idea that izakayas in Tokyo specifically cater to the after-office crowd, which this branch especially appeals to given its location in the Ortigas business center. So if you want to get a feel of how the Japanese spend their after-office hours, a trip to Soru Izakaya may give just that. It's a great place to experience that particular drinking culture among the Japanese.


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Wagyu Cubes Teppan


Udon Carbonara


And if cravings remain strong even after a round or two of drinks and orders, Soru Izakaya has something for that, too. 

Filling teppan dishes, fresh sashimi, maki rolls, aburi sushi, donburi bowls, ramen, savory yakitori combinations, and other Japanese classics updated with contemporary touches await the hungry diner and are sure to satisfy.

And just in case your stomach looks for any of these dishes mid-day, Soru Izakaya is open for lunch, too! 

With deliciousness in every bite and an atmosphere made for the ultimate pre-weekend wind down, Soru Izakaya is bound to be an all-time favorite!


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Japanese Strawberry Cheesecake




Check out Soru Izakaya's cool interiors in this exclusive Metro.Style shoot with travel vlogger Finn Snow!