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Exploring Authentic Spanish Cuisines In The Metro With “EIC On The Move” Raul Manzano

Spanish cuisine is very dear to our hearts, especially since a lot of Filipino dishes are influenced by its techniques and flavors. Spanish culture has indeed permeated deeply in to the Filipino vein, but what really is authentic Spanish cuisine? And where can we get them?

EIC On The Move Raul Manzano explores three exceptional Spanish restaurants in the Metro that will let us experience Spain right in our backyards.


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Rambla is 5-year-old tapas restaurant in Rockwell owned by Dani Aliaga, who has been in the country for more than a decade now. And the secret of Rambla in keeping its steady flow of loyal patrons and new customers is their ever-changing menu.



Dani reveals that Rambla changes their menu every few months to keep things new for their guests. They also hold a number of collaborations with chefs from all over the world to keep things interesting, and for their chefs as well to learn new techniques and dishes from different cuisines.


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Recently, Rambla hosted a collaboration with Chef Carlos Montobbio from a Singaporean restaurant called Esquina, where he brought a number of their signature dishes to the restaurant.

A Spanish twist on the traditional Japanese favorite, Chef Carlos used a brandade fish instead of the usual salmon or tuna for his Spanish Nigiri.



He also sampled a Leg of Lamb dish, which was brined and placed in a sous vide for 36 hours, glazed with lamb jus and lamb fat.




Tomatito in BGC is the home of the sexy paella—and they call it the sexiest paella in town because it is authentic, cooked to perfection, and made with only the best ingredients in town.



Chef Carlos Franco of Tomatito shows Raul the authentic way of cooking Paella Valenciana, one of the traditional paellas in Spain, and points out a few key differences in the way Filipinos cook their paella. One, compared to Filipino paella where the rice and the ingredients are stacked high, traditional Spanish paella is flat and baked. He also says a big no to putting eggs and quail eggs, something he says you should save for your trip to the gym or your breakfast meal.



In Tomatito, the crowd is a bit younger compared to other Spanish restaurants. It also gives that “taste of home” since their dishes might be very traditional Spanish, but they very much invoke Filipino flavors and aromas, helping their customers feel comfortable with their menu.


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Las Flores

Las Flores is all about changing what people think of Spanish food in the city, and elevating the traditional Spanish cuisine into something that’s a bit more upscale. And what’s more upscale than bringing the best wines from all over the world to pair with their excellent dishes?

Raul sits down with Ian Santos, Las Flores’ marketing head for sommelier selections, and learns a thing or two about how Las Flores meticulously curates their interesting wine selection.

Ian shares that while it’s nice to offer wines with bolder flavors and aromas, in Las Flores, they tend to offer wines that will accentuate the dishes in the restaurant, and not overpower them. This is why they source their wines from many boutique wineries all over Europe to be able to come up with a good list of wine suggestions for every dish.

For a fish course, Ian recommends the Mica, a Portugese white wine that comes from the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. He says that since the wine has high minerality and comes with good acidity, it is able to enhance the flavor of the fish, with the acidity cutting through the fat.



If you’re eating lamb or veal, Ian recommends the Setze Gallets, a red wine made with 8 different varieties, coming all the way from Spain. The wine has hints of spice and blackberries, but not too overpowering that it ruins the gaminess of the meat.



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