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Sushi Bake Is The Trendy New Dish Everyone’s Loving Right Now

What is it and where can you buy it?

If comfort eating has become your thing in the last couple months or so, you’re going to love the latest food trend: the sushi bake.

Essentially, the sushi bake is a deconstructed sushi roll that is baked like a casserole. It's made of Japanese rice, salmon, imitation kani (crab sticks), and tobiko (fish roe). It’s arranged in layers in a pan or tray, with the rice at the base, the kani for the second layer, and roe spread on top. This is popped into the oven to bake for a few minutes, then served. You can also torch it, aburi-style. 

Serving is really simple. You can choose to cut it up in tiny squares, or simply allow people to scoop up a bite-size portion that you can lay on nori (Japanese seaweed) then eat like a mini taco. You’ll find it deliciously creamy with an interesting crunch, and quite filling. 

Sushi bakes are not a new trend, actually. We found recipes online as early as 2010 when it became a popular potluck dish to bring to parties. It’s easy to see why — the dish is easy to make, packed with wonderful flavor, and can feed a crowd. 

If you want to try sushi bake at home, we recommend ordering from The Sushi Bake. They'll deliver straight to your door. You can pop your sushi bake tray in the oven, zap for 15 minutes, and enjoy a great meal with the family.