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Feast On Foie Gras Burgers, Tuna Poke, Flat Iron Steaks And More In This Foodie Heaven On Earth

No, you haven't suffered consequences of a food coma and gone to the next life where unlimited amounts of your favorite dishes await.

You're very much alive and awake, and simply experiencing the newest offerings of the newly relaunched Food Hall at SM Aura, where its wide array of edible creations are so darn good that they're as close to (food) heaven as you're going get on earth. 



Clockwise from right: Asian Chicken Salad, Crunchy California Roll, Dynamite Salmon Skin Roll, Food Hall Half Chicken, Sausage Pesto Flatbread and Carbonara


The Foodee Global Concepts' re-imagined dining destination brings together crowd favorites from four restaurants—Pound, Flatterie, Hook, and The Grill—as well as presents exclusive dishes available only at the hall, all of which have international twists. 

Best of all, they're presented to diners in the way they were originally meant to be enjoyed: Food theater style! 


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With the incorporation of the food theater concept, diners can watch chefs expertly prepare pasts of every kind and top them with steaming hot sauces scooped straight from the pot, see others shucking plump Aklan oysters and arranging them on a platter, or enjoy the aromas wafting towards them from the searing of succulent foie gras and topped on thick, dripping all-beef patties before their very eyes (and noses, too!). 

It's honestly the best way to stimulate appetites and tease tastebuds before the very first bite of a meal (although it's not as if you need extra motivation given how appetizing The Food Hall's menus are, even at first glance). 


Foie Gras Burger from Pound


Proud of what he and his team has accomplished since The Food Hall first welcomed diners in 2014, Foodee Global Concepts CEO Eric Dee adds, "It’s a concept that is close to our heart because at the core of the company is a passion for introducing new flavors and dynamic restaurant concepts to the public." 


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"We’re relaunching The Food Hall to remind everyone where it all started—Pound, Flatterie, Hook and The Grill will all be in the roster, to give diners a flexible dining experience that allows them to choose among our high-quality and affordable dishes from different cuisines," he also says. 


Foodee Global Concepts CEO Eric Dee


Variety, quality, accessibility, and overall enjoyability—it's no wonder that The Food Hall has always been a favorite among every kind of diner, be they adventurous eaters or creatures of habit, as it sums up the best of the best in meats, seafood, veggies, sweets, beverages and more, all in an environment that's welcoming, comfortable, and yes, definitely Instagram-worthy. 

Certainly a place that appeals to families, couples, groups of friends and appropriate for both casual gatherings and formal get-togethers, The Food Hall has all the qualities to make it your favorite place to be. 

And speaking of dining at The Food Hall with company, special lunch set meals have also been prepared for such occasions. They group together some of their best sellers so everyone can have a bite, while solo diners can likewise choose from set meals made for one. 


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Now enough of the exposition and onto what really matters: a glimpse of the menu and our top recommendations from The Food Hall!


Surf & Turf from Pound 

Here's a dish that has something for everyone: tender slices of flat iron steak for the meat-lovers, and fresh, juicy shrimp for those who prefer seafood. Though given the savory sauce that both steak and shrimp swim in when served, trust us when we say there will be zero distinction between meat and seafood lovers after their first taste.  (And nothing left on the plate, at that). 

Great for sharing, we recommend this as a main for groups of two to three. As an extra tip, order it with a side of steak rice, dip it in some rosemary salt for added zing and you're good to go!


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The Food Hall's exclusive Asian Chicken Salad 

Erase the assumption that eating healthily means settling for tasteless, colorless dishes from your mind. Instead, turn your attention to this addictive masterpiece by The Food Hall that's tangy and crunchy with a hint of nuttiness and packs a whole lot of goodness. A complete meal in itself, it'll totally change the way you feel about salads. 


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Pan-seared Halibut from Hook

One of the best things about seafood is its versatility and ability to soak up all the yummy ingredients its cooked with, absorbing every little granule and packing a punch of flavor even with the littlest bite. Such is the case for seafood dining option Hook's halibut and rice that's as tasty as it is pretty. Satisfying yet not overwhelmingly heavy on the tummy, it's a great option for lunch or a light dinner. 


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The Raw Platter from Hook 

Here's something awesome for those who dream of being beachside 24/7 and feasting on the bounties of the ocean. Featuring raw salmon slivers, newly shucked oysters, and a serving of sesame seed-topped tuna, this platter is as fresh as it gets.

However, for those who enjoy their seafood cooked, worry not; grilled and fried varieties of this platter are also available. 


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The Food Hall's exlcusive Nachos 

The fun in nachos is the countless ways you can enjoy it. You can switch up the kind of chips you use and the ingredients for your dip and still have them taste amazing, but this particular thick, saucy blend from The Food Hall is hard to top, and let alone recreate! Save yourself the trouble from guessing what its magic mixture is and just order a serving for you and your friends that, we guarantee, will disappear in the blink of an eye. 

We highly recommend this for merienda or an accompaniment to a drinking sesh. 


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Braised Beef Cheek from The Grill

It's definitely best to save lots of tummy space for this indulgent serving of fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your mouth beef. Drenched in a delicious sauce that's so good you're going to want to dip a forkfull of meat before popping it in your mouth, this choice cut of beef is everything you dream of when craving for an ultra-filling meal. 

We'll understand if you find it difficult to share—we'd feel the same!


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Flattbreads from Flatterie

You can tell when an Italian-influenced restaurant lacks expertise (or passion) in what it does; its dishes tend to taste the same despite having different ingredients and recipes. But at Flatterie, it's the total opposite; it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite flatbread as all of them are absolutely scrumptious. Here, the menu delivers exactly what it promises in terms of fresh and authentic ingredients.

Why not try a different one every time you're at The Food Hall? That's what we'd do!


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OMG Lava Cake and The Bomb

Using context clues, it's easy to conclude that these desserts are so decadent and well-received that their names were derived from the reactions of those who have gotten a taste of them. Fling your diets out the window and allow yourself a cheat day with these chocolate-centric sweets that can't be given justice with words. They're meant to be eaten, not described. 


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To get a better feel of what awaits you at The Food Hall, see more snaps from the dining destination below!