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These Adorable 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay' Cookies Are The Perfect Weekend Treat

A sweet way to relive the show's unforgettable moments

It’s been two weeks since the finale of It's Okay To Not Be Okay (IOTNBO), and already it’s established itself as a groundbreaking cultural phenomenon. The nuanced romance, the charmingly entwined fairy tales, the brave and respectful story telling about people living with mental illness. Yes, it’s definitely found its niche in our hearts. In fact, I haven’t moved on; have you? 

So if you've a lingering yearning for more of IOTNBO, you'll just love these adorable IOTNBO-themed cookies by The Little Whisk. Take a look at them here.

“I don’t think I have ever been more inspired and emotionally invested to make a K-Drama set. This show has taken me to a roller-coaster of emotions and I can only hope that my two boys will grow up with the same kind of love for each other as the two brothers in this show. This has officially become my favorite k-drama series by far," writes Maggie, owner of The Little Whisk. 

Her cookies certainly are a sweet way to feel a little closer to our favorite K-drama and, perhaps, even relive the show’s unforgettable moments. If you're still haven't finished watching the series or are doing a rewatch, order a batch of these cookies for your next bingefest. One set has a dozen cookies. 

To order, send a DM to @thelittlewhiskph on Instagram, or send an email to