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The New Rules Of Coronavirus Grocery Shopping

10 things you can do to be a safe and responsible shopper

Grocery shopping is different these days. Supermarkets have been identified as a place that presents heightened risk for coronavirus spread. Stores are implementing new house rules to help safeguard everyone’s health, and behaviors that were once ordinary now have new significance.


PSA: How To Safely Handle Groceries And Takeout Food During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Because a supermarket is one of the few remaining places where people are allowed to gather, so you need to take steps to protect yourself. But you also need to ensure that your behavior does not endanger other people. Now, more than ever, we should be aware of how much we can be affected by other people's health and hygiene (or lack of it). In addition to standard safety practices such as wearing a mask, gloves and washing your hands thoroughly, here are a few sensible rules you can observe to be a safe and responsible shopper.