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How This Tasting Club’s Sangria y Tapas Fiesta Transported Us To Spain (Virtually)

The afternoon’s tasting showcased some of Spain’s most exquisite products, all of which are available in the Philippines

As we head into another installment of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), our desire to travel just increased tenfold. We long for distant shores, unfamiliar views, and breathtaking landscapes; we long to meet new people, experience new cultures, and eat good food. 

Last Saturday, The Tasting Club, founded by Kevin and Adrienne Charuel, held a virtual fiesta, highlighting the best of Spain’s epicurean delights—and we still haven’t stopped dreaming about it. The tasting, which took place on one of the sunnier days during the past few weeks’ rain and overcast weather, featured premium products from Spanish-based brands like Vega Mancha, Goya, Lolea Sangria, and Artysán, as well as Happy LivingTasteful Selections, and Hola Bombon

The afternoon's tasting set | Photo: The Tasting Club

Chef Ruther Sandico of Hola Bombón explained the food pairings; Ruben Canabal of Lolea showed the guests how to prepare the sangria; Joey Downs of Goya introduced the olives and olive oil used; Mercedes Esparcia of Vega Mancha talked about the cheeses; and Charo Taberna shared a few facts about Artysán. Also in attendance that afternoon was Julian Gagliardi of Happy Living.

The fiesta’s full menu included:

Manchego Tostadas

Vega Mancha Manchegos, Tostadas, Mango Jam, Goya Manzanilla Cocktail Olives


Goya Manzanilla Cocktail Olives, Spanish Anchovy, Piparras 

Paired with Lolea N.2 White Sangria Frizzante

Vega Mancha Manchego, Semicurado (150g)

  • Vega Mancha Manchego, Semicurado (150g)

Vega Mancha Manchego, Curado (150g)

  • Vega Mancha Manchego, Curado (150g)

Goya, Pitted Manzanilla Cocktail Olives (156g)

  • Goya, Pitted Manzanilla Cocktail Olives (156g)

Sangria Lolea N.2

  • Sangria Lolea N.2

Pan Con Tomate y Jamón

Artysán Serrano Ham, Tomate, Goya Classic Olive Oil, Maldon Sea Salt

Pintxo de Chorizo

Artysán Chorizo, Ensaladilla, Black Olive Powder

Paired with Lolea N.1 Red Sangria Frizzante 

Artysán, Serrano Ham Reserva (100g)

  • Artysán, Serrano Ham Reserva (100g)

Artysán, Sliced Chorizo (100g)

  • Artysán, Sliced Chorizo (100g)

Goya, Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unico (500mL)

  • Goya, Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unico (500mL)

Sangria Lolea N.1

  • Sangria Lolea N.1

The Tasting Club’s next event is all about sushi and sake! Reserve your tasting set for Saturday, August 14 at 6 p.m. via their website. Sets are limited and reservations are required. For more information, visit their Facebook, Instagram, or official site

Lead photo from The Tasting Club