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The Truffled Taste Of Summer: Angelini At Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has got to be about food and culinary adventures—and they don’t always have to be about Chinese food. Nestled on the 2nd floor of the Kowloon Shangri-La, and with a breathtaking view of the Hong Kong skyline is the highly rated Italian restaurant, Angelini. The South China Morning Post has its own Food Awards, it’s 100 Top Tables, and Angelini has consistently been making this exalted list for several years now, earmarking it as one of the top dining destinations of the city - especially when we’re talking about real Italian cuisine. 


The entrance to Angelini on the second floor of the Kowloon Shang


The wonderful Angelini view


Their current promotion is their Summer Truffle Menu, a five-course menu that can be ordered as a degustation experience, or ordered a la carte—as all the courses incorporate the freshly flown-in Summer Truffles—and yes, that applies even for the dessert! And day by day, depending on what ingredients are available, some variations or twists on the menu can be expected. What remains consistent, is the impeccable quality of the dishes on offer.

The starter we had was a refreshing Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes, lightly doused in a Golden Vinaigrette. This was getting our palate prepared for what was to come. The Carpaccio with Asparagus was the first inkling of just how much serious eating was planned for this lunch, the shavings of Summer Truffle enhancing the absorbing delicacy of this dish. Next up was the pasta course—Black & White Tagliolini with Scampi & Scallops. This one I would have swam across the bay for, as the tender Scampi and the firm Scallops complemented each other perfectly.


The Burrata and Heirloom Tomatoes


Carpaccio with Truffle Shavings and Asparagus?


Black and White Tagliolini with Scampi and Scallops


For our main, we had the Filetto Alla Rossini; Veal Tenderloin with Truffles and Foie Gras, in a Marsala Sauce and the colors of the Italian flag served up to accentuate the dish’s presentation. This was heavenly, a carnivore’s ambrosia. And the dessert that capped the lunch, was Vanilla Ice Cream encrusted in Chocolate with Toasted Rice and edible Flowers as garnishing. I have to confess that I’m lactose-intolerant, but couldn’t resist and took the risk. 


Filetto Alla Rossini, Veal Tenderloin with Truffle and Foie Gras


Dessert at Angelini


This Summer Truffle Menu was sinful with a capital S, but whoever said sinful wasn’t enjoyable, had not eaten here. This was a case of indulging and being happy for the rest of the day. Angelini’s regular menu, their spread of Appetisers—cold meats, salads, vegetables, and cheeses—are all things to write home about, so it’s never a mistake to book a table here, and enjoy deservedly highly-rated Italian cuisine.


Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng