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The Ultimate Food List According To Monchet Olives

When it comes to hosting special events at home and in the workplace, Monchet Olives has all the food ideas you'll need to impress your guests and get them to ask for seconds. Read what he has to say about catering, desserts, restaurants, and more: 

Catering has become de riguer as homes have less and less help, and honestly, it can be a lifesaver.

I like to recommend Margarita Fores for a nice elegant continental spread. Try mixing up her Grace Park menu too, and you must have butter chicken!

For that large family gathering, Tita Glenda Barreto’s Via Mare is no fail.  From setting up, to the bibingka cart, a hearty Filipino menu never disappoints.

Michelle Dinglasan-Tomacruz Mediterranean selection is also a must try. Her morrocan tangines and meat balls are a great alternative to the usual repast.

A little secret: want to eat what media big wigs and stars eat, give Restaurant 9501, the private dining room at ABS-CBN, they can surely whip up a grand buffet!


Taking out food to help with the family potluck can also be a choice.

For me, Yuan Ongpins Paella Plus never disappoints. If you want another choice, bring a paellera to Rambla or Las Flores and ask them to make one of their paellas for you, it's not common, but it can be an option.

Lechon is always a pleaser. Dedet de la Fuentes, Lechon Diva, will really give flair to the table. I like Tinee de Guzmans Mr. Cochinillo too. Both have other dishes to go, and they are worth trying.

Still on pork, my nephew Marco Olives has made the radar with his Pork Roulade at the Broken Oven. Paired with kanin balls, it’s the really cool barkada get together.


Caviar pies are also nice to have on the table. There quite a number of purveyors I usually get it from Demi or Chef Jessie's.

The ultimate indulgence is a paleta of Jamon de Bellota from Txanton. That and if you can get Jerson, Txantons master slicer to the party, you will have an awesome time!

With grazing tables all the rage…I actually don’t really like it because I just don’t like massing food all together …. There is a stand out: Gourmandise by Sunshine Puey. Her foir pate is absolutely excellent. And yes, she does make a very very pretty Instagrammable spread.



There’s no box like a grazing box! #GourmandiseBySunshine

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Dining out for get togethers is a way of meeting people in distinct locales. It can get quite pricey and unwieldy so I suggest you keep the group small. You could also have a prixe fixe menu prepared to help the kitchen and also the serving time. Given the traffic and schedules, I always suggest that you order ahead. Having said that, there are some places that I simply like going to dine with.

Colin Mackays reopened Sala is an elegant dining room with his signature service. Blackbird is always a very chi chi spot, with a nice bar for apero. Tippi Tambunting’s M is a standard for any occasion, with Donosti as back up for Spanish food. Las Flores and Rambla are great hang outs for group dinner and raucous  conversation.  For the Japanophile, Kyo-to at Coyuito House will be an indulgent meal. Want a filling, home style get together, call Nancy at Summer Palace and book a room. Chinese  food here for me is my favorite. And  braving the traffic, nothing beats Antonios, with the cool weather.