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THE ULTIMATE LIST: 5 Of Our Favorite Premium Ice Cream Flavors Straight From The Supermarket

We scream for ice cream! But we’re not just talking about any ice cream. We mean the smooth, thick, velvety 100% dairy frozen treats that use quality ingredients. Getting a taste of premium ice cream doesn’t mean that you have to go to a fancy dessert spot anymore. Now, it’s as simple as going to your neighborhood supermarket or even convenience store. With lots of brands and flavors to choose from, we’ve rounded up our top five picks that you can buy in a pinch for an instant frozen treat!


1. Carmen’s Best Malted Milk

Every flavor has a story and for Paco Magsaysay, all Carmen’s Best flavors are inspired by his travels. With the brand named after his daughter, these flavors are created to the highest standards. They first came out with classic flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, but soon created more complex ones like Salted Caramel, Brazilian Coffee, Butter Pecan, and Malted Milk. A consistent bestseller, Malted Milk uses Horlicks and bits of Maltesers to create a standout flavor that brings back your childhood love for anything malted. Carmen’s Best is available at select supermarkets. Visit

Malted Milk has become a new classic


2. FIC Frozen Custard Lemon Curd

Unlike other commercial ice cream products that use vegetable fats and non-dairy substitutes, Fruits in Ice Cream uses only carefully selected premium tropical fruit ingredients and quality dairy products from Australia and New Zealand. The Frozen Custard line is a richer, creamier version of the regular ice cream line, using an “original” recipe that incorporates eggs into the ice cream. The newest frozen custard flavor is Lemon Curd, whose tart and citrusy taste marries well with the sweet creamy flavor at the end, reminiscent of lemon squares from your favorite bakery. FIC products are available at select supermarkets around the country. Visit

FIC’s refreshing Lemon Curd frozen custard


3. Magnum Hazelnut Luxe

Magnum ice cream bars are the top choice for people on the go who crave something rich and indulgent. And we’re definitely loving the new Magnum Hazelnut Luxe bar made of hazelnut ice cream coated in thick Belgian chocolate, and embellished with loads of caramelized hazelnut crunchies for that satisfying and sensational crack in every bite. Available in most supermarkets and convenience stores, Magnum bars offer an easy and accessible taste of luxury anywhere you are, any time of the day.

Magnum’s new Hazelnut Luxe ice cream bar


4. New Zealand Natural Forest Berry

It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the creamy and soft goodness in every scoop of New Zealand Natural ice cream. Made with fresh dairy cream from cows that feed on New Zealand’s unpolluted green pastures, New Zealand Natural offers a truly all-natural alternative to commercial ice cream brands. So having one whole pint won’t make you feel as guilty! If you’re looking for something light and refreshing on a hot summer day, try the Forest Berry which balances out the tartness of the berry and the sweetness of the cream. Visit for a list of supermarkets that carry New Zealand Natural.

A scoop of New Zealand Natural Forest Berry


5. Arce Dairy Avocado

Made from all natural ingredients, fresh carabao’s milk, and fresh fruits, longtime favorite Arce is beloved by generations of Filipinos, especially for its local flavors like Macapuno and Mantecado. For this homegrown producer, quality is not a virtue but a legacy. You can always count on Arce to give you that rich and full bodied taste in every scoop, especially the classic Avocado with its full, thick, creamy taste and texture that you just can’t get enough of.

Rich, thick and creamy avocado flavor


If you’re hankering for some ice cream, just drop by your nearest supermarket and reward yourself with a pint or even a gallon of your favorite premium flavor—because you deserve it!


Lead photo via Arce Diary. Additional photos by Chris Clemente