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THE ULTIMATE LIST: 8 Superfood Snacks And Drinks (+ One Healthy Carb) To Kickstart Your Healthy Eating Habit

Every July is National Nutrition Month as proclaimed by Presidential Decree No. 491 in 1974. As the government’s way of encouraging Filipinos to eat healthy, National Nutrition Month is a great reminder for us to take a break from the usual sugary sodas and salty snacks. Instead, let’s eat balanced meals, load up on veggies, and make any of the following healthy goodies a part of our daily diet.


1. English Tea Shop Organic Teas

Tea is acknowledged as one of the world’s healthiest drinks to be enjoyed from morning to night, and any time in between. The UK’s favorite brand English Tea Shop offers a wide range of 100% organic teas and infusions to suit any taste or ailment. Need to curb your hunger? Have a cup of Super Berries with hibiscus, strawberry, blueberries, and raspberries. Having a hard time sleeping? Go with the Ginger Honey. All of its 100% organic teas are free of pesticides and artificial ingredients. With their bright colors and vivid designs, English Tea Shop teas make for great gifts as well. Available exclusively at most Robinson’s Supermarkets nationwide



2. Harvest Box Almond Latte and Go Bananas

Next time you visit your neighborhood Starbucks branch, pick up a pack (or two) of these high energy snacks. The Almond Latte boasts an indulgent blend of dark chocolate-coated coffee beans, almonds, and flame raisins. Or choose the Go Bananas, a super healthy mix of banana chips, Goji berries, and seeds with a sprinkle of dark chocolate for an added treat. They’re perfect to add to oatmeal, mix in to yogurt, or as a quick mid-afternoon munch paired with coffee or juice. Available at all Starbucks branches



3. Coco Dolce Milk Chocolate

Yes, it’s true—chocolate is healthy! But only when it’s processed with such ingredients as fine local cacao beans, low-glycemic organic coconut sugar, and virgin coconut oil. Made by artisans using the traditional conche method, Coco Dolce chocolate is a bean-to-bar product that is as healthy as it is indulgent, you’ll want to finish more than one bar. Available at SM North Edsa The Block, 3rd floor and all Human Nature branch stores



4. Pili & Pino Granola

Whether for breakfast or as a snack, you won’t do better than this crunchy and healthy granola from Pili & Pino, made sweeter with the finest coco nectar from Mindanao. The Mango & Pineapple leans fruity and sweet, while the Banana & Cacao offers more of an energy-laden punch, with cacao nibs for a pop of intense chocolate flavor that happens to be good for you, too. Available at Available at SM North Edsa The Block, 3rd floor and all Human Nature branch stores.



5. First Harvest Coco Sugar Peanut Spread

Peanut butter is always a great choice as a nutrient-rich spread, except that most commercial varieties are laden with refined sugar. Instead, try First Harvest’s creamy spread sweetened with coco sugar, which has a lower glycemic level compared to white sugar. This peanut spread is also churned with less oil to make sure that your every delicious spoonful is guilt-free. Available at SM North Edsa The Block, 3rd floor and all Human Nature branch stores



6. Noah’s Creative Juices

The sugar levels in fruit juices can range from super sugary to zero. You’ll be happy to learn that Noah’s Creative Juices available at Starbucks are all about natural ingredients with zero added sugar. Yellow Juice is a refreshing blend of apple, nectarine, coconut water, pineapple and lime juice. Meanwhile, Pink Juice combines apple, coconut water, banana, guava, lychee, and raspberry juice. Both fruit juices don’t use any concentrate or artificial flavor, with zero added sugar, to guarantee you an all-natural fruit drink to quench your thirst. Available at all Starbucks branches



7. belVita Breakfast

This new product is out to help Filipinos eat a balanced breakfast on the move. Just bring along packs of belVita and pair with your choice of fruit and dairy for a complete breakfast. belVita Breakfast Biscuits are filling and nutritious, made with whole grain cereals and eight important vitamins and minerals necessary to start the day right. Available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide



8. PLUS: Kusina ni Mama Sita Adlai Paella Kit

Aside from going healthy with snacks and drinks, make your meals extra nutritious as well, by choosing the right grains or carbs every day. Local heirloom grain adlai is a great alternative to rice, acknowledged for its potential to help solve our national food security problem. Packed with nutrients, adlai is easy to cook, with a mild enough flavor to go well with most any viand. You can buy adlai at specialty stores, or for a change, you can pick up Kusina ni Mama Sita’s Adlai Paella Kit that’s packed with spices, packaged in a nifty kit, and easy to prepare using just a rice cooker. Available at the Kusina ni Mama Sita kiosk, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City, or email



Photos by Marnie Giron and James Mangalile