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THE ULTIMATE LIST: Our 3 Favorite Ice Cream Joints To Keep Us Cool This Summer

Ice cream may be a staple year-round, but during summer, it’s promoted from staple to precious commodity in this infernal heat. From mamang sorbetero to halo-halo, Filipinos can’t get enough of their iced treats and that’s why we scouted the metro for the best ice cream around to satisfy your cool craving.


1. Poco Deli


While you were probably busy eating bacon slabs and tapas in this darling restaurant, you might have overlooked their little freezer in the corner that houses little cups of heaven.


Homemade ice cream cups (P145)


Their unusual flavors might deter the picky eater, but don’t crinkle your nose just yet. These homemade goodies are worth every spoonful. Especially the chocolate brownie


#Sorrynotsorry about that little dig in there, but as you can probably tell, it’s hard to resist this little cup.

21 E Capitol Dr, Pasig City


2. Carousel Creamery



This ice cream shop boasts an impressive 100+ flavors ranging from normal to extra. Their witty flavor names stimulate the palate as well as tickle the mind so don’t just go for your usual flavor when you come to the Carousel Creamery.

Different flavors (P95 single scoop)


Keeping it local, we chose two popular local flavors—the Soulstone Halo-halo (yes, it’s Thanos-related) and the Ube Mochi.


Soulstone Halo-halo


Ube Mochi


The halo-halo really tasted like the local delicacy with its jelly ingredients wrapped around a creamy vanilla flavor, while the ube tasted like a lighter version of the usual grocery ice cream Pinoys frequently keep in stock at the house, but because of the delightfully gooey mochi surprise in some of your bites, you begin to appreciate the lightness of the flavor.

8 Missouri St, San Juan


3. St. Louis


This pretty restaurant that came all the way from Australia is making people swoon over their sumptuous flavors. They’re not only an IG-worthy selection, but they taste wonderful too.


Regular cup (P150)


Because it’s so hot, one of the best flavors to cool your head, and your palate, is the mint chocolate. But if you prefer a fruitier option, there’s also the passionfruit, which offers just the right tang for the summer.


Passionfruit flavor


C3, 7th Avenue Bonifacio Highstreet Central, Taguig City


Photos by Chris Clemente