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The Ultimate List: Patti Grandidge’s Awesomely Inspiring Food Experiences

Food writer, health food enthusiast, and baker Patti Grandidge-Herrera never scrimps on flavor. Whether it is when preparing her ‘superfood’ smoothies in the morning, to the nutritional treats she snacks on, to baking her famous cupcakes for famed brand Sweet Patti Cakes, she always makes sure what she eats is as delicious as it is good for you. “Since moving out of my cupcake commissary, I still find myself in the kitchen at home. This time, a little cleaner and healthier… I like to experiment with plant-based and gluten free options from time to time. Recently I’ve worked with Quaker and McCormick; you can see recipes on my YouTube Channel and some snapshots on my Instagram feed,” shares the beautiful homemaker. 

When she is not in the kitchen, Patti writes for her blog Patti’s Palette, and regularly contributes to online magazine She also dedicates her time to wellness, frequenting spas and never missing that workout. She explains that she is grateful to have an awesome support system when it comes to maintaining this lifestyle, sharing, “Thankfully I have awesome lifestyle wellness partners to balance out all the calorie consuming: Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio, Centro Holistico, Yoga Hive and V Kitchen.” When time permits, Patti loves to travel to her favorite destinations with her husband, family, and friends. 

Because Patti lived in so many different cities growing up, it is difficult for her to point out what type of cuisine defines her, but she does explain that she feels a strong connection to Los Angeles, California. “One of the most exciting and influential dining scenes for me is Los Angeles. Besides mentioning some of their unrivaled produce, it’s also because of the multicultural dishes made by contemporary chefs that make the possibilities endless. You can literally eat a selection of things in a week: sushi, food trucks, Thai food, doughnuts, tacos, KBBQ, ramen, burgers, ice cream.” When asked about food trends, Patti quickly responds that she is “so on board” with the farm-to-table movement. “I love that more and more establishments are promoting clean eating and a movement that guarantees fresh and healthy food grown within a community. Local organic farming and seasonal menus are here to stay, I hope.” 

Here, she shares with us her favorites, and go-to dishes for fun brunches, evenings with friends, and celebrations with those she holds dearest:


What specialty dishes are always a crowd pleaser?

•    My mother-in-law’s killer seafood paella (which I really need to learn how to make)
•    Homemade 7-layer dip made of roasted garlic, tomato salsa, guacamole, refried beans, sour cream, olives, cheese, served with crunchy greens
•    Cheesy skillet of macaroni and cheese


Steak from Bondi & Bourke


What are your top 5 go-to desserts when entertaining?

•    cookies which you can pre-make and freeze
•    fondue which is easy to whip up with very good chocolate and an assortment of fruits
•    cheesecake from my mom
•    sticky toffee date pudding from my mom
•    homemade flourless chocolate cake


What regional delicacy do you like to serve when entertaining?

I love to do a fiesta for entertaining! Modern Mexican relies a lot on fresh ingredients and spices, so it doesn’t require as much effort as you’d think. A big bonus for me is that my husband loves to cook this cuisine so he helps a lot with the preparations in the kitchen. Guests can nibble on tortilla chips and homemade salsas when they arrive and move on to making their own plates—tacos with different options for fillings, guacamole, pico de gallo, etc.

A meal from Wildflour Café + Bakery


Which restaurants do you recommend when having dinner with friends?

•    Wildflour Café + Bakery for brunch
•    The Wholesome Table for healthy eats
•    Blackbird for dinner with a nice ambiance
•    Bondi & Burke for big groups and sharing plates
•    Sonya’s Garden for an out-of-town experience