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Here's Where To Get A Darker, Sexier Tiramisu

Belgian tableya, bespoke Sardinian Ladyfingers and 24K gold shavings

Artisanal chocolate brand Theo & Brom bridged the best of two worlds by creating the world’s first Belgian Tableya, and it's now the main ingredient in a new dessert, the Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon.

This ingenious dessert is a classic Italian tiramisu made with the best selling Tableya Filipina, which is made of the finest cacao beans. The result is a rich, creamy treat with bold coffee or chocolate flavor. 

Theo & Brom's Tableyamisu
The Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon twin pack in chocolate and coffee flavors is available for P2,499
Theo & Brom's Tableyamisu

The Tableyamisú A La Ragazzon also has generous layers of rich mascarpone cheese and the brand’s very own,  baked-from-scratch Pistoccus di Fonni (a Sardinian version of Ladyfingers). It comes ready for gifting, as it’s elegantly dusted with 24k gold shavings and neatly served in a beautiful gift box!

The Tableyamisü A La Ragazzon has been officially launched this month. It's currently available in two flavors: Kape/Caffè and Tsokolate/Cioccolato.

Theo & Brom's Tableyamisu in Cioccolato
Tableyamisú in Cioccolato
Theo & Brom's Tableyamisu in Caffè
Tableyamisú in Caffè

The Tableyamisú Caffè (single pack at P1,499) is closest to the traditional tiramisu with notable coffee notes from local barako, while the Tableyamisü Cioccolato (single pack at P1,599) is perfect as a light but chocolatey melt-in-your-mouth treat, coffee-free for kids to relish! 

Order online through Theo & Brom's website, and follow @theoandbrom on Instagram.