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These Dishes From Coron Will Change The Way You Look at Exotic Food

Palawan is not just a beautiful spot when it comes to scenery, it’s also the best place to satisfy your most adventurous cravings. People usually think of exotic food as something that’s gross and not appetizing. To most, they’re either acquired tastes or a grueling challenge that you have to accomplish in order to win money or a dare. However, this list of bizarre dishes from Coron, Palawan will totally change your mind.


Crocodile Sisig


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This Kapampangan food favorite gets taken to the exotic realm when crocodile meat takes the place of pork, chicken, or tuna. While the dish is no less indulgent as other forms of sisig, the consistency of the meat is leaner than beef and packs a spicy kick due to the presence of chili.


Danggit Lamayo


Consider it an upgrade from your regular danggit. Made with partially sundried rabbitfish and marinated in garlic, vinegar and pepper, the fish itself is bigger in size and the taste is less salty. This dish is available at Santino’s Grill and makes for a great breakfast when paired with garlic rice and egg.




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Lato is a sea grape that’s usually served as a salad with onions, tomatoes, and vinegar dip. A known seaweed that’s common in the Philippines and nearby countries. Lato is the main ingredient for Ensaladang Lato or Seaweed Salad, and can be found at most seafood restaurants in Coron.





A famous Palawan delicacy, tamilok or woodworm is found in dead wood or rotten mangroves, often long and slimy. Prepared like kinilaw, it’s dipped in vinegar or lime juice for added flavor, and tastes similar to oysters.


Bird’s Nest or Nido Soup



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A best seller at Kawayanan Grill, the number one exotic restaurant in Coron, the Bird’s Nest is made from the saliva of the bird balinsasayaw or swiftlets used to construct their nests in the crevices of the limestone cliffs of Palawan. Don’t let its composition fool you, though. The creamy yet chunky broth keeps the locals coming back for more. This soup is also very high in calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

These dishes are not for the faint of heart, but we’re sure that you’ll have a good time in Coron, Palawan if these bad boys were included in your must-try bucket list this summer!


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